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No on 97

My wife and I raised our three children in West Linn, moved a couple of times and then bought a condo in Lake Oswego. Now they have scattered to the four winds — as have we. But Portland, and Powell’s City of Books, are very much in our hearts.

We visit Portland most every year. One of our favorite subjects discussed with our friends has always included Powell’s. We even talk to our local counterpart, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, about Powell’s. They certainly know of Powell’s, as does every book merchant in the U.S.

Slamming local businesses like Powell’s with a gross-receipts tax of the magnitude proposed by Measure 97 on the November ballot will do more harm than good. They would be cast into the same revenue category as Costco. That needs to be changed, and I’d recommend sending this issue to the Legislature for more work.

My advice is to reject Measure 97 by voting NO in the upcoming election.

Bill Pederson


Embracing the future

Lake Oswego has been our home for 36 years. LO schools have given our two children and four grandchildren a high-quality education. The appeal of this town caused our son and daughter to return here after college — one to teach, the other to build homes.

In well over three decades, we have seen this community go through highs and lows, but I am excited about the highs I see in front of me. The past rancor and uncertainty is gone. Mayor Kent Studebaker has created an environment of teamwork and trust. He has restored civility, methodically laid out priorities set by us and built consensus in city government.

Studebaker knows that the best systems of government work from the middle and that most good governing is the result of compromise. He has responsibly and with a practicality laced with a lot of vision brought us to the certainty that LO’s future is great.

With more years behind me than in front of me, it might be tempting to live in the past — but I won’t do that. We should all treasure the past and what it taught us, but let’s enthusiastically concentrate on the positive possibilities. Because of a measured approach and empowerment of others, Mayor Studebaker is now moving us from a

rather rocky past into a stable but exciting future.

So I urge you to join me in support of re-electing Mayor Kent Studebaker. A continuing good balance of spending by the mayor and council on infrastructure, the arts, theater and parks will result in a future LO that my grandchildren will embrace.

Ross McLaughlin

Lake Oswego


It’s a round and rising word,

Until it tumbles softly away.

An extension of the brain, the eyes

Are hard-wired to the optic center.

“Will you read the bottom line for me?”

Asks the doctor’s lovely assistant.

“Of course I will, Jennifer.

I only have eyes for you.”

James Fleming

Lake Oswego


Feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done? Well, there is some good news to share in 2016! According to timekeepers at the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, this year will be precisely one second longer. A leap second! Imagine the possibilities!

This is a vitally important opportunity, not one you want to have pass by unnoticed while you are doing something as mundane as taking out the trash. Better to use it doing something productive and purposeful. Why not spend that extra second petting a

puppy? Or volunteering with your local fire brigade?

Personally, I am putting my extra second to use by participating this week in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. GISHWHES is a week-long, worldwide scavenger hunt that comes from the twisted mind of actor and all-around rabble-rouser Misha Collins, and it benefits his charity, Random Acts.

Working in teams of 15, participants will tackle a list of more than 150 items that are meant to test creativity, ingenuity and stamina. I’ll need every second of the week to accomplish challenging tasks that may involve anything from fighting a drone wearing armor made from items found in your kitchen (colanders — so useful) to spending an hour reading to patients in a care home or hospital.

If you participate, you’ll make new friends, laugh till you cry and sometimes cry till you laugh again, all in the name of helping a good cause. Believe me, that extra second is going to come in handy.

To learn more, go to www.gishwhes.com. And if you see me out in public doing something ridiculous during GISHWHES, stop and say hello!

Janet Sahni

Lake Oswego

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