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Troop says thanks

Girl Scout Troop 45018 would like to say thank you to all those who dropped off trees at our Christmas tree recycling event at George Rogers Park.

Our troop is one of the few Cadette/Senior troops (for junior high and high school girls) in Lake Oswego. By donating to our troop, you have helped fund communtiy service projects, backpacking/camping trips and travel opportunities for our troop. So for that we say thank you.

Crystal Shum

Lake Oswego

Expand WEB use

The LO City Council has requested input from the community as they set their goals for 2015. I believe this is the time to look toward expanded development of city services in the Lake Grove area, since many Oswego residents live at the west end of the lake and because the downtown core has seen so much development that congestion is becoming an issue.

The much-discussed WEB building is occupied by our outstanding Parks and Recreation Department, in addition to offices for various citywide projects and meeting and training space. Parks and Rec provides programs, including sports and education, for toddlers, teens, senior citizens and everyone in between. I am in and out of the building a couple times a month and appreciate the convenient parking and pleasant offices and meeting spaces.

According to a space-allocation summary prepared by the city, only 20 percent of the WEB is unused. In 2015, the City Council should study ways to bring more services to the WEB to serve the ever-growing population in this area, to encourage business development and to take some of the pressure off the east end of the lake.

Carolyn Knutson

Lake Oswego

Bad timing

It was disappointing to have a mud hole instead of a beautiful lake during the holiday season this year! I have not heard of a good reason for the change to lower it beginning Nov. 1, but it certainly made it unsightly at a time when many residents have company.

In years past, the lake was lowered beginning the first work day after Jan. 1, and it was filled by March. I hope the Lake Corporation will consider doing this schedule in the future.

Margaret Anderson

Lake Oswego

Keep the WEB

I read with interest Sandra Jackson’s letter to the editor (“Input for the Council,” Jan. 15) and she is right on. Now that real estate values are on the rise, it would be wise for the city to reverse the politically driven decision to sell the centrally located West End Building.

Her three points are three of many that make sound financial reasons to halt the sale and locate the citizens’ business in this great central location.

Many fear that the sale of this real estate will lead to another strip mall popping up in the center of the city.

As a result, there is no sound reason to sell the WEB and purchase land in another part of the city. Why purchase and remove more tax-generating property for new construction of city services that are not centrally located?

G.H. Smith

Lake Oswego

Not my transportation solutions

Please. Traffic is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better (“Our region deserves a balanced approach to traffic problems,” Jan. 8).

Need proof? How about the asinine $300 million redo of the Sellwood Bridge? Why exactly is the bridge going to cater to walkers and bikers, when virtually no walkers will ever use the thing and the number of bikers may slightly increase but not in any great numbers?

Instead, we get the old two-lane bridge as it was before, complete with traffic lights and congestion on the west end. At the east end, we have Tacoma Street going from two lanes down to one at the bridge (for those headed westbound) — again, more congestion and more drivers fighting before the bridge. Elected folks yet again are kissing the backsides of the bikers when the bikers contribute virtually little toward the costs of designing and implementing infrastructure for their bikes.

Interstate 5, from Wilsonville all the way to the border, is an absolute joke. Really, there’s only two lanes (each way) as it dumps off of the Marquam Bridge all the way to the Fremont Bridge. Millions of dollars each year are lost as truckers inch their way to and from. Thousands of hours of folks’ time wasted waiting to get anywhere.

Electric cars are worthless. I drove one for two years. I did countless hours of research. I worked to get recharging stations installed. A few years later, we have $75,000 Teslas, also a joke, and for the serfs, a $35,000 Nissan Leaf. Nothing is truly within reach for the average Joe.

Brian Toye

Lake Oswego


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