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Defining my vote

I watched with interest the debate and political maneuverings concerning the Wizer development, holding off on my opinions while those who had more knowledge of the pros and cons of the project voiced theirs. I am a multiple-decade Lake Oswego resident and have seen and experienced a great change in our community, both in infrastructure and civic opinions, for better or worse.

I voted in the recent election and carefully considered my choices. To my dismay, I have read letters to the editor that judge and clump my vote into convenient categories that strive to make the writers’ point. As such, I am compelled to respond.

First, the “get over it” message directed at the project’s opposition works to deny those citizens the right to pursue their voice and process under Oregon law. If they lose their LUBA appeal, the decision is settled and they have left no stone unturned. That gives them the satisfaction of knowing they did everything possible to make this project something they believe the citizens of the city could be proud of, despite the financial impact to them.

If they win, the case goes back to the City Council. Letters to the editor suggest that the Council would rubber-stamp its previous decision. With new members, I would hope that the entire Council would weigh this additional information with the due consideration that it imposes. Yes, one new member called the Council’s vote for the project a “win” (as documented by his Facebook page). I voted for him for reasons beyond the project and was encouraged when he told The Review that he had learned a lot about the community during his campaign. I want to believe that if it comes to it, he will also carefully consider his vote as it impacts the entire community that he now represents. I know that the rest of the Council will do so as well.

So consider me an individual with independent thought before you presuppose what my vote or actions represent. There are many other issues that mold one’s decisions, and although you have the right, I ask that you think twice before claiming that you know what I was thinking.

Patricia Iron

Lake Oswego

Thanks for supporting LJHS band

We would like to thank the Lake Oswego community for its generous support of the Lakeridge Junior High School Band program. Through Lamb’s Nature’s Choice Market’s Take It or Leave It promotion, we were able to raise much-needed funds for new instruments, sheet music and instrument repair.

We would also like to acknowledge Nick Goldsmith and his staff for providing an innovative way to fundraise. Each Thursday, customers are given the opportunity to take back a percentage of their bill or donate that amount to a school program or organization. The Lakeridge JHS Band program was the fortunate recipient on Nov. 20.

We also appreciate the parents and students who volunteered their time on that day to promote the event by handing out flyers and proudly holding up a Lakeridge banner. We were met with great enthusiasm for the high-quality music programs we have in all of our schools.

Please join us on Tuesday, Dec. 9, from 7 p.m. in the Lakeridge High School auditorium for our annual Winter Concert. Come celebrate the holiday season, and see and hear our talented musicians. Thank you again for supporting music in our school.

Corey Alston and Brandon Sause

Lakeridge Junior High School Band directors


They haven’t been back,

The Mormon missionaries.

I’m sure I’m a lost cause to them,

As I have been for others in my life.

Still, it’s not that often there’s concern

For where I’ll spend eternity.

If they do come back, I’ll let them in.

Even though they don’t drink,

I should have something

On hand we can share.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Support Lake Oswego Preservation Society

The Lake Oswego Preservation Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Our mission is to support Lake Oswego’s historic fabric through advocacy and education. We strive for excellence and accuracy in all that we do.

As the society’s founder, my vision was to create an organization to advocate for the triple bottom-line benefits — social, economic and environmental — of preserving our unique built heritage as well as having a strong, research-based focus on education. In the relatively brief time since founding the society in 2011, hard work, meticulous research, creative thinking and land use advocacy, along with dedicated volunteers, generous members, granting organizations and other supporters and friends, have contributed to achieving this goal.

We have received recognition, both locally and statewide, for our historic preservation advocacy on behalf of city landmarks, including our four-year-long effort to save the oldest house in Lake Oswego, the 1855 Carman House. In word and deed, we honor our motto: “Advocate. Educate. Celebrate!” No other organization does what we do for Lake Oswego.

Do you see a future in our past? If so, please support the work of the Lake Oswego Preservation Society through your membership or donation. The Society is an all-volunteer organization. Since we do not have paid staff and we don’t have a physical building to maintain, 100 percent of the funds we receive are dedicated to our mission.

The Society is also proud to be an Oregon Cultural Trust partner. If you donate to us and make a matching gift to the trust, you can claim your entire contribution to the trust as a tax credit!

You may learn more about the organization at lakeoswegopreservationsociety.org.

May our current community, and future Lake Oswego citizens, enjoy the fruits of all of our labors on behalf of the place that we love.

Marylou Colver

Lake Oswego


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