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Across from the Winchesters and Colts

Is camouflage wear meant to imitate

The nature of trees, shrubs and rocks.

The target of this design is a forest deer

Which, by such deception, will be shot

By a hunter dressed as what he’s not.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

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(“It’s going to have a positive effect before we’re done,” Oct. 29): Our son played for Coach Coury and our parent group was completely behind his methods and philosophy. I completely agree with the comments regarding behavior starting at home — it’s time for mom & dad to quit being buddies and start parenting. Your children, as ours did, will thank you later.

— Bill Lake

A great article. It really is time for parents to step up and work with the administration.

— Louise Intihar

We are so lucky to have Coach Coury in our community.

— Kelly Rirodan Calabria

Steve is a first-class person, and a great coach.

— Gary Ross Logsdon

So glad to hear this in an age where some coaches make excuses. This teaches the players how to be good men.

— Corie Jones

He’s as much a mentor as a coach.

— Aaron Winfree

A good coach is a life teacher. Good for Mr. Coury.

— Miggi Wiggins

(“School district facing at least $98 million in repairs, upgrades, report says,” Oct. 29): These schools need to be upgraded and safe for our children! Many have stayed the same since I was in grade school here in Lake Oswego in the early ‘60s. I really hope our community comes together and supports investing in our schools!

— Tris Denton

(“Convert Willamette Shore Trolley Line into a pedestrian-bicycle trail,” Oct. 29): I commend City Councillor Jeff Gudman for taking the initiative in this very useful cause. The pedestrian/bicycle path will provide healthy commuting access to the South Waterfront and then on to downtown, reducing significantly automobile traffic on highway 43.

— Suresh C. Paranjpe

Makes too much common sense. Safe path for biking and walking. Great views, less costly commute. Healthy alternatives to autos and buses. What’s the price tag? Let the community get on with it. Forget the streetcar option forever!

— Peter Sweet

In several discussions with Jeff Gudman, I’ve asked the question as to whether or not the converting of the rail right-of-way to a pedestrian/bicycle path would require consent of the property owners involved. I’ve also asked if the railway was abandoned, even temporarily, if the right-of-way would dissolve.

I still haven’t received any answers.

I’m acquainted with some of the property owners (and some former owners). I cannot conceive of them giving permission to change the usage of the path without the agreement to permanently abandon the railway. And maybe not even then.

— Gary Gipson

(“502 blankets to shield needy kids from the cold this winter,” Oct. 22): Thank you, McKenna Murray! Your generosity is overwhelming.

Blankets are in high demand when the cold weather comes. Those blankets will keep many kids and babies warm this winter!

— Northwest Childrten’s Outreach

Great job, McKenna! Thank you for helping make the world a better place!

—Mandi Scott Chestler

Well done, McKenna! Your generous heart is making a difference in the lives of so many!

— Pat Durando-Campbell

Proud of our daughter.

— David Murray