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L.O. Art Sale

To compete in the markets

Of American free enterprise,

Artists must have a tradesman’s eye

And attach to their work a price

That will make it a gift to the world.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Pure poetry

Thanks to the Lake Oswego Review for the piece on Scot Siegel’s newest book of poems (“Lake Oswego planning director publishes fifth book of poetry,” April 21). It is always enjoyable to read of someone who steps out of the stereotypes of various professions and occupations and is found to be doing something both creative and unique.

In addition to his work as a government administrator, Siegel has had and continues to have success as a poet and is well known in this area. It is always a treat to have such successes recognized and covered by The Review.

Ronald Talney

Lake Oswego

Vote for Humberston

I served on the Lake Oswego City Council from 2006 to 2014. During that time, I represented the City at the Clackamas County Coordinating Committee and the City and County at Metro’s Joint Policy Advisory Committee for Transportation. I observed Clackamas County bloom into a respected and contributing member to land use and transportation planning for our region, only to see it become a joker when serious discussions about our future were on the line these past few years.

The non-partisan positions on the Clackamas County Commission are again up for grabs. Most of the candidates I know or have worked with, but not Ken Humberston. I was curious. After meeting Humberston, talking to him and getting to know his background, I believe he is the right fit for Clackamas County Position 4.

Humberston will bring a rural sensibility and urban pragmatism to the commission. He has the experience and skills to meld the diverse interests of our county into positive actions.

Keep Clackamas County relevant in our region. Vote for Ken Humberston for Clackamas County Position 4.

Donna Jordan

Lake Oswego

Where’s the outrage?

I find it interesting that with all of the letters, brochures, lawyer fees and public hearings that featured the argument that the Wizer development would destroy the “village character” of Lake Oswego, there is nowhere near the volume of noise regarding the numerous McMansions being developed for years in the nearby First Addition neighborhood.

I am not against the McMansions or the Wizer development. Just saying.

William T. Powers

Lake Oswego

Making the right choice

I read with interest the recent article “LOHS students again opt out en masse” (April 28). After reading it two times, I came to the conclusion that there are two primary conflicting issues:

1. One is that students are test-weary and quite reasonably see that an additional test adds little to their actual education; and

2. The administration sees the students refusing to take the Smarter Balanced test as threatening federal funding and ultimately their careers.

I do not see a way to compromise and reach agreement on a path forward. Eventually, the power of the federal government and the power of the school district administration will coerce most if not all of the students into taking the test, regardless of its usefulness to students.

To the students I would say this: While you will probably lose in the end, tell the administration to take a long walk on a short pier, which is certainly where they will go should you not take the test. But know that at least you are making the right choice, and that as future adults and parents, you can make changes in our education system so the system will focus on real education and not just adding to a database.

James Radda

Lake Oswego

Vote for Humberston

I am writing in support of Ken Humberston for Clackamas County Commissioner, Position 4. We need a new voice of common sense on the commission.

Having watched Ken’s work on the Clackamas River Water Board, I know him to be a voice of reason, collaboration and cooperation. Ken was part of the team that brought stability and progress to that board. I believe he will bring the same skills to the county commission.

Ken believes in a responsible approach to county finances and will stand behind his decisions, accepting responsibility for them. Ken’s 40-plus years of board experience on planning, school, economic development, fire and museum boards make him uniquely qualified to serve the citizens of Clackamas County. As a former Marine and law enforcement officer, I know public safety will be a priority for him as well.

I highly recommend Ken Humberston for Clackamas County Commissioner.

Rosie Stephens

Lake Oswego

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