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Ride the trolley

We have a treasure in Lake Oswego sitting on the tracks on State Street.

There, a vintage trolley takes you on a fun ride along the Willamette River, with a conductor telling you all about the sights and the history of the area. A new, bright red ticket barn and new parking lot make it all easy.

I enjoyed it as an “oldster,” and when my 8-year-old grandson visits next week, he’ll get to go, too.

Great summer fun!

Beverly Burks

Lake Oswego

Editor’s note: The Willamette Shore Trolley departs from 311 N. State St. in Lake Oswego from May 28 to Oct. 30. From now until Sept. 5, rides are scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For more information, go to wst.oregontrolley.com or call 503-697-7426.

Positive energy

We moved to Lake Oswego 10 years ago, and as I have watched the town evolve and gracefully grow, I could not be happier. Sure, there are people who might long for times past, but communities must embrace careful progress, and the positive energy for most citizens is exciting.

I had the privilege of driving home from church for many, many years with a 103-year-old choir member who was also very excited about the future our city was taking. He, too, had a lot of past memories, but he was very forward thinking.

Partisan politics seems to have mostly been taken out of city government, and for that I credit Mayor Kent Studebaker. When I talk about the mayor, one of the first things I get back is the fact that he has reintroduced civility back into City Hall. Other things follow — prioritizing infrastructure, police, fire, parks, the arts and bike paths — without raising our taxes.

Quietly and without pomp, Kent Studebaker has led our little city. His vision of a lively downtown with the North Anchor project will attract new business dollars and a tax base to support our schools.

I look forward to the next four years in Lake Oswego with Mayor Studebaker taking us into a well-managed future.

Carol Riggs

Lake Oswego

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