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We’ll miss Mikel

I always look forward to reading Mikel Kelly’s “Just Another Point of View” column. Mikel has the gift of the written word. He can convey humor about everyday events time and time again. What a treat it has been all these years to laugh out loud when reading his clever column.

You will be missed, Mikel! Enjoy your retirement years and beat that darn prostate cancer.

Cary Strauch

Lake Oswego

Not good stewardship

As a member of the Citizens Budget Committee, I disagree with last week’s Citizen’s View that said “we are good stewards of our limited dollars” (“An update on rebuilding LO’s Operations and Maintenance Center,” Aug. 27).

To be good stewards, we would be seriously analyzing what belongs in our Operations Center and what should be done outside. We do oil changes inside at a cost of approximately $100 each; they could certainly be done more cheaply outside. No Requests for Proposals have ever been sought to accurately compare the costs of in-house and outside services for the Operations Center, and that certainly is not good stewardship.

There are many city functions that should be seriously evaluated for cost reduction. We are NOT “good stewards of our limited dollars” if we do not seek the lowest possible cost for taxpayers. When someone tells you we are “good stewards of our limited dollars,” ask them what has been evaluated through an RFP process recently to make sure we have the lowest possible cost. An honest answer is NOTHING.

And there was no mention of the “balloon” payment we will owe PERS soon and what our likely PERS assessment will be, given the poor stock market performance this year. Where will we get the money for that?

Good stewards do solid analysis, think forward and plan, not just push pet projects.

Gerry Good

Lake Oswego

Fire Season

Hundreds of miles downwind,

We wake to a yellow light.

Like other conflagrations

Arriving on the morning air,

It has shifted the odds

For being in harm’s way.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Restore class listings

It appears that our city has decided that exercise and other classes geared toward our senior citizens should now be placed under the umbrella of the Parks & Recreation Department, rather than being listed in the Adult Community Center bulletin and on the LOACC website.

This is very confusing to our senior citizens, who are used to looking to the LOACC for classes and other interests that are particularly of interest to them. We pay specific fees to the LOACC to support such activities, which is why we look to the LOACC to advise us of such activities.

We suggest that classes that are appropriate for our senior citizens be listed in the LOACC Bulletin and on its website, as well as — or in lieu of — the Parks & Recreation Department bulletin and website.

The current situation is a disservice to our senior citizens, and the above suggestion should remedy the situation.

Frank and Judith Gray

Lake Oswego

Editor’s Note: The Review asked LOACC Manager Ann Adrian to address the Grays’ concerns. Here’s what she had to say:

“I regret the inconvenience that the changes in the newsletter, ‘Living 50+,’ has caused some of our users. Overall, the response to the format that debuted in spring of 2014 has been overwhelmingly positive. However, I can understand that not having all the LOACC activities in one publication could be frustrating.

“Some additional information could be helpful. First, I am not sure if this is a misunderstanding or not, but the LOACC has been under the umbrella of the Parks & Recreation Department since its creation in 1970. Most Parks & Recreation Departments in Oregon are set up to include their adult center, and this is the case for the local center.

“Second, the classes for the LOACC are listed on the city website and can be accessed either by visiting the LOACC page at loacc.info, or the Parks & Recreation page. To do so from the LOACC page, users would click on “Activities,” then “Classes,” then “Activities Page.” For people who prefer not to register online, we always have onsite and telephone registration available.

“Third, there are not specific fees for the LOACC. The source of the confusion may be that we have a new donor program called VIP (Very Important Partners) that allows users to show their support of a community center by donating to us. This is strictly optional and doesn’t affect anyone’s ability to participate in any of our classes, human services or other programs.”

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Members of the Lake Oswego High tracks teams help pull ivy in Springbrook Park.Thanks, LOHS athletes!

A big applause for the 70 Lake Oswego High School students who recently spent time in Springbrook Park.

As members of the cross country team, they did training and split their time hauling gravel to repair trails, along with pulling invasive ivy along stream corridors. The results are better trails with filled holes. The ivy pulling is part of a longer-term effort for watershed improvement of the two streams that start in the park.

Also, a special thanks to coaches Eric Lider and Liz Howells for managing the energy and work. Thank you all!

Paul J. Lyons

Lake Oswego

Praise for Lininger

This letter is to express the League of Oregon Cities’ gratitude to Rep. Ann Lininger (D-Lake Oswego) for addressing the concerns of Oregon’s cities while crafting medical and recreational marijuana legislation in the 2015 legislative session.

As a result of her efforts to bring numerous viewpoints into the legislative process, Oregon has a marijuana program that ends prohibition but allows cities and local voters to determine if commercial marijuana is right for them.

Legislation crafted with Lininger’s leadership will shrink the illicit trade of marijuana, protect medical patients and respect the home rule authority of Oregon’s city governments.

For these efforts, the League of Oregon Cities and its members thank Rep. Ann Lininger.

Mike McCauley

Executive Director

Hot topics

Here’s what community members are talking about online. Join the conversation at http://www.lakeoswegoreview.com:

(Changing the culture of LOSD athletics,” Aug. 27): The process was painful but valuable. I believe our kids understand why it had to happen. Hopefully, parent booster clubs have examined their roles and will become important links in the chain of success. The “new blood” seems professional , hardworking and enlightened. Perfect traits for our proud community. The future looks bright for LOSD athletics.

— Mobius

(Cleaning out the files after 41 years reveals a few treasures,” Aug. 27): Mikel: So you are saying that the military is the only way you can serve our country? Dick Cheney served four Republican presidents and spent six terms in the House. The former vice president specialized in defense, energy and the Middle East. His knowledge in these areas has been extremely important for our country and in the opinion of many of us, Cheney has served our country well. ... l can agree the book “Unbroken” was much better than the movie. I can agree that back pain, to those who have it, is excruciating and can be debilitating. I do not agree that the military is the only way to serve our country. There are many ways to serve and many have given their lives for our country who have never worn a uniform. We should also be appreciative of them as well.

— Gary Gipson

(“When it comes to replacing Bowerman, compromise is not a one-way street,” Aug. 27): Karen (Bowerman’s) popularity among the electorate does not stop — or even start — with this label “fiscal conservative.” Karen distilled the dysfunctional workings of LO government into punchy phrases that educated voters, and then she respected their feedback and observations. She did not allow the insular politics of LO’s elite to dictate her views (or confidence).

— Karen Delaney

The real question is what kind of councillor has the skills to work best with a diverse community and the rest of the council. Joe Buck received the most votes of the candidates in the last election. His reflections in the value of finding common ground through compromise is refreshing.

— Rob LeChevallier