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‘We do not want an appointed council’

I find it very hard to get excited about voting for Karen Bowerman in the coming county commissioner election.

As a Lake Oswego resident who supported Ms. Bowerman in the city council race and has been very happy with her performance as a member of that body, why should she desert us now to run against Paul Savas, the incumbent commissioner who in my opinion has in most cases done a good job?

It is my opinion that when you run for office you are making a commitment to serve out your term. Lake Oswego still has serious issues to be resolved. We need continuity on the council. We do not want an appointed council. We want an elected council.

Joe Dahl

Lake Oswego

‘So, what exactly is a pregnancy?’

In response to Peter Wright’s letter, “So, what exactly is a ‘choice for life?’” I would like to address his main point that a woman has the right to terminate a pregnancy for absolutely any reason whatever. Notice the word after “terminate” is “pregnancy” — not “child.” In other words pregnancy is different than child. Really?

Another word used is “fetus” — again, not “child.” If life does not begin at conception, who decides when it does begin? He has made the decision that it is acceptable to have two children — because he has all the answers regarding the “right” number of people on our planet. Is he aware of the number of countries not producing enough people to keep the countries productive — like Japan?

He has used words brilliantly — but his ideas of “choice for life” remove all responsibility from men and women regarding the sexual act — lowering the sexual act to mere “recreation,” without any consequences. How does this improve life or add to happiness?

We adults must be responsible (and) not use words to make our actions sound acceptable.

Margaret Jamieson

Lake Oswego

‘Message to our young people is loud and clear’

As a long-time resident of the Lake Oswego School District, I am appalled at the machinations engaged in by Superintendent Korach and Lakeridge High School Principal Jennifer Schiele in their handling, or rather, mishandling, of the fallout from the OSAA sanctions against the football program in that school and their attempts to disguise their actions by continuing the deplorable leadership of the football coach, the very person responsible for the ongoing unsportsmanlike conduct that lead to the sanctions in the first place.

Clearly no one has been fooled by this slight-of-hand. I have seen some lulus in my day, but this one tops the list. It is rare to see such blatant dishonesty in public service but this is it.

While I have never had children in the Lake Oswego School District, nor, being retired, will I ever, I have always supported the schools with my vote. In light of this revealing action, that will never happen again.

Sadly, the message to our young people is loud and clear: No matter your ethical failings, those in power will take care of you. For shame.

Ronald Talney

Lake Oswego

Bowerman would be strong commissioner

As a Lake Oswego City Councilor, it’s been my honor to serve with Karen Bowerman. And, as much as I would miss her serving the city of Lake Oswego, she would be a tremendous addition to the Clackamas County Commission.

Dr. Bowerman has served as dean of the College of Business and Public Administration with California State University, San Bernardino. She has served on commissions regarding commerce and women’s issues. She is a bright, proven leader.

As I’ve worked with Karen on the LO City Council, we have not always been in agreement, but that has never prevented us from working together with mutual respect. Karen is always prepared and comes armed with questions and insights that prove she’s done her homework. She doesn’t test the political winds or shy away from controversial issues. She’s present and votes based on her convictions and values.

But, beyond her leadership, stellar credentials and amazing work ethic, Karen cares deeply about people and our community. She takes the time to hear from citizens — no matter the issue. She is warm, compassionate and full of grace and humor, even in tense and difficult situations.

Clackamas County would be very fortunate to have Karen Bowerman as a commissioner.

Lauren Hughes

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego City Councilor

It is wrong to call Zebrowski ‘unethical’

The guidelines for a letter to the editor states that letters will be reviewed for “libel.”

It seems the Review failed to adequately do this when it published the letter from Shon DeVries that called Patti Zebrowski “unethical.”

Whether or not one agrees with her position regarding the stadium roof at Lakeridge, you can be sure that she is only voicing an opinion that best serves all of the students in Lake Oswego. Patti and her family have given their time and resources in service to the schools in Lake Oswego for many years.

To call her unethical is unneccesary, unkind, and just wrong.

Lynne Marschall

Lake Oswego

‘Stop hanging my property value over my head like a ransom note’

Recently I read an email from the Pacer Parent Club encouraging parents to attend a meeting and promote the stadium project at Lakeridge High school.

While I am not against the improvement, it seems ludicrous that the project cost has exceeded the estimate. There was a budget set so meet it. That is part of everybody’s day-to-day life so the school board should not be exempt.

And I also ask that you stop hanging my property value over my head like a ransom note. Nobody is coming to buy my house and asking if we have covered stands at our football field. Nor do I care to attract families from other towns to attend Lakeridge based on sports; after all education is top priority is it not?

Bill Cavanaugh

Lake Oswego

Vote for Bowerman for Clackamas County

Commissioner Decisions made in Clackamas County impact all of us as TriMet and Metro build more projects against the voters’ will. Almost $200 million was spent on the non-existent Columbia River Crossing. Who is paying for the debt on TriMet projects? Clackamas County Commissioners need to push back, not cave.

Karen Bowerman sees the truth and stands her ground for taxpayers.The Lake Oswego water treatment project was over engineered at an extremely high cost, as it is being constructed on geologically unstable ground. Karen called for the forensic accounting audit, which uncovered important costs details. Karen was one of only two city councilors to vote against the project. Karen researches issues and stands her ground against forces of condescending staff and crony engineering and construction firms. An accomplished businesswoman, Karen understands pressures on business and how to alleviate them for a friendly business climate. She takes a business approach into government as an effective city councilor who understands the inner workings of regional government. Karen is not afraid to surround herself with strong leaders. She makes decisions based on facts and principles of free markets and small government.

Debra Mervyn


‘Sanctity of human life must not be extinguished’

In response to Peter Wright’s opinion titled “So, what exactly is a ‘choice for life?’” published April 17, I offer the following rebuttal.

Mr. Wright’s two positions are blatantly contradictory; one cannot say he is “pro-life” while supporting a “right” to terminate a pregnancy. His illogical view that leads to the conclusion that “Since every newborn will in one way or another contribute to climate change and species extinctions for approximately 75 years, the greatest harm a person can cause to the living system is to bring another human into the world” implies that not only should every pregnancy be terminated, but every human alive should be exterminated because humans are bad for planet earth.

History has demonstrated that this way of thinking results in genocide (remember Hitler and Saddam Hussein, to name a few). For all of the bad in this world, there is exponentially more good, and the sanctity of human life must not be extinguished.

Rick Proulx


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