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Attend candidate forum

Clackamas Pomona Grange #1 is sponsoring a Candidates Forum on April 30, and all 10 candidates for three positions on the Clackamas County Commission have stated they will attend. All candidates will be given time and opportunity to share their ideas to guide our county for the next four years.

From 4:30-6 p.m., candidates and citizens will be able to exchange ideas, questions and comments in a very relaxed manner. The candidates will be able to hand out their brochures and have one-on-one conversations.

A free spaghetti dinner will be served at 4:30 p.m. and at approximately 6 p.m., we will begin the formal Candidates Forum. Questions from the floor will be welcome and responses from candidates in front of the audience will provide an opportunity for comparison and evaluation by the voters.

The forum will take place at Maplewood Grange, 25480 S. Hwy 99E in Aurora.

Don Kingsborough

West Linn

Keep teachers here

For 29 years, the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation has been supporting great education in Lake Oswego. In that time, the organization has contributed more than $22 million dollars to our schools, all of it directed at a single mission: hiring and retaining teachers.

In the 10 years my family has lived here and I’ve volunteered for the Foundation, we’ve faced some real difficult economic times as a community and as a state. It was with pride that I witnessed Lake Oswego families prioritizing strong public education and giving what they could of time, treasure and talent.

The result was that our district did not have to lay off a single teacher most of those years. And in fact, while neighboring districts literally cut hundreds of teachers, our district actually hired teachers some years, allowing us to continue to offer lower class sizes and more class offerings.

We’ve also continued building our long-term Endowment Fund, with the goal of vastly reducing the year-to-year pressure of an

annual campaign. This year, the interest from our endowment will give about $30,000 to the annual campaign, and the size of this Endowment contribution will grow every year, forever!

With the Foundation, we have a successful tool in place that enables our schools to individually address and fund the needs and interests of our unique students and their teachers, and to develop the skills they need as they move toward their adult lives. All we need to do is use that tool!

Our goal this year is $2 million. Please go online today to losfoundation.org and hit the DONATE NOW button with whatever you feel your family can give. Our district works hard to hire the best teachers in the state, and we want to keep them here!

Kimberly J. Valley

Lake Oswego

Support property rights

Essential components of prosperous societies such as those we have in the West are the rule of law (public safety), a competitive market economy and a legal system, of which property rights are a key component.

When neighbors who dislike proposed developments try to change or block what an owner wants to do with his or her property (“Trying to break the mold,” April 21), there is something much greater at stake than the particular property at hand. The developer, at significant personal financial risk, must work within the laws of the city to build something that a new owner will enjoy. Let the builders build and replenish our housing stock.

Understand that these new homes, however we personally feel about them, are a public good and an enhancement to our city. Accept that our city is in a constant state of change. Be grateful that we live in such a beautiful place. Support your neighbor’s right to do as she sees fit with her property and she should support your property rights in turn.

Mary Bresnahan

Lake Oswego

Call 811 before digging

Now that the sun is shining, many homeowners will be digging into do-it-yourself projects. Whether planning to install a fence, mailbox or plant a garden, NW Natural reminds you to call 811 before you dig.

Calling 811 two business days before starting a project to locate underground utilities is not only the safe thing to do, it’s the law. Unfortunately, the majority of pipeline damage is due to a homeowner or contractor digging without the proper research done in advance.

No damage to a pipeline is too small to report to NW Natural, even a dent or scratch could compromise the system. If you smell rotten eggs or see or hear gas escaping, leave the area immediately and call 911 and the NW Natural 24-hour emergency line at 800-882-3377.

Remember to keep our communities safe and call before you dig.

Daphne Mathew

NW Natural Public Information Officer

Thanks for helping kids

We are absolutely thrilled to learn about Bryan Gilmore’s passion to help kids with special needs (“A coach and a mentor,” April 21). His commitment to address these needs through many different facets is particularly impressive and inspiring. Thank you for your generous heart, Bryan.

And hats off to Colleen Kendall (“Dancing the night away,” April 21). You are awesome! Thank you for your deep commitment to kids!

Ann and Jerry North

Lake Oswego

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