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Entire community benefits

Many in Lake Oswego, including my parents, brother and sister and our children, have or are attending Lake Oswego schools. As a family, we have been involved with the Lake Oswego School District since 1959. We have served on PTAs and school committees, in Foundation positions and on the school board. Nurturing and educating the children of this community is a part of our lives and a priority for us, because we know the district’s value to our family.

At state and local levels, school finance and pensions are issues that must be addressed by aggressive, creative and noble leadership, or we face disastrous and wide-ranging consequences. But we live in a community that prioritizes quality education and cherishes the future for our children. And in Lake Oswego, we still have the local ability to control what we can, support what we must and keep our community flourishing in so many ways. Parents of students here are the most involved in the state, and we must bring our financial participation to its highest level.

The entire community benefits from exceptional schools with stable real estate values and a safer community. That’s why funding from the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation is critical to the mutual goals of parents and non-parents alike. National and state funding issues must be resolved, for sure. But here in Lake Oswego, we can and must make a difference for our children and our community. We have local


Let’s all follow the fundraising campaign, get involved and help the Foundation reach new levels of funding.

Justin Harnish

Lake Oswego

Invest in education

Please consider making a donation to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation’s 2016 campaign. It’s no secret Lake Oswego has the top-ranked schools in Oregon, with national prominence as well. Our community receives well-deserved recognition for the investment we make in K-12 public education. And the Foundation plays a large role in that effort.

It’s a simple equation. The dedicated individuals who comprise the Foundation’s board of directors and leadership team work hard to ensure our schools’ continued success. Your donations fund additional teachers’ salaries to keep class sizes small and the quality of education high.

Skeptical? Let’s talk economics. Good schools attract well-educated individuals in the form of exceptional teachers, business owners, home buyers and professionals. Property values remain high; we enjoy a better-educated workforce that leads to a healthy business environment. And that’s something we can all get behind.

Please join The Bank of Oswego in offering your strong support to education. Lake Oswego is a remarkable community. We urge you to make an investment in preserving its quality educational system.

Stephen G. Andrews,

president & CEO

The Bank of Oswego

Buy a brick

As co-chair of Lakewood Center for the Arts Commemorative Brick Walkway, I want to encourage anyone who loves the arts to consider purchasing a brick or paver as a graduation, birthday, anniversary or any-occasion present. Bricks sell for $200 and pavers for $1,000, and your purchase is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The many bricks and pavers already installed in the sidewalk from the parking lot to the Lakewood Center hint at interesting stories behind the inscriptions. For instance, Ed and Joann Frankel’s brick reads, “I just called to say I love you.” Yes, that’s a song title, but more than that, it commemorates the time Ed hired a three-piece combo to serenade Joann at her office in a bold attempt to convince her to move to Singapore for a few years. Those “few years” became several decades, so clearly Ed’s romantic gesture paid off big time!

Write your own brick story to remember a special person or event. Contact the Lakewood Center for the Arts at 503-635-6338 or order online at Lakewood-center.com. Act soon so your brick can be installed before the Festival of the Arts!

Jan Coulton

Lake Oswego

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