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Project deserves support

Thank you for the feature story on Ashley Holmer and her dedication to the Red Sweater Project in rural northern Tanzania "I can have an impact," Dec. 24).

Over the past several years, a team from Architects Without Borders-Oregon (www.awboregon.org) has been working with Holmer to design buildings and a campus master plan for the Mungere School referenced in the article. This school, which began with a two-classroom building, will grow to include more classrooms, a library, science and computer laboratories, international staff housing, an edible landscape and kitchen gardens, a sports field and other structures, thereby serving several hundred students.

It’s been most rewarding to partner with someone as organized, enthusiastic and committed to positive change as Holmer. Her fundraising efforts deserve everyone's support.

Rod Merrick, AIA,

for Architects Without Borders-Oregon

Southeast Portland

Thanks for quick action

At 2:30 a.m. in mid-September 2015, our doorbell rang, followed by a loud knock at the door. It was a police officer, who informed my wife and me of a fire downslope from us that was headed our way.

He told us to evacuate our home. He added that we could be ordered to leave. We left voluntarily.

When we returned several hours later, things were under control and we could return home. The fire truck had access through Waluga Park.

We very much appreciate the good work of the police and firemen in our area. This area has had fire problems before.

Gerald Mock

Lake Oswego

‘Our country is all of us’

It's good to know your mind and believe in yourself. This fosters creativity, strength and endurance. However, even the greatest throughout history did not exist alone.

Honor every part of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. These words were won with lives and fortunes.

Every right exercised comes with the duty to acknowledge and accommodate our fellows and their circumstances.

Despite aspirations, our government may not be ideal. Commit to improving it rather than diminishing it.

Expect high standards of those who take on the role of public servant. Applaud them, for such requires very thoughtful and hard work.

Our government exists to achieve objectives that can't be well-accomplished otherwise. These don't always pencil out.

Hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang (or go broke) separately.

We are only as strong as the weakest link — and that is the link not there.

Expansion of human rights is the bedrock claim our nation has to greatness. All else is fleeting.

We are people — not corporations, unions or churches.

Though we all have interests in and obligations to other groups, our country is all of us.

Alan Mela

Lake Oswego

Hot topics

Here’s what community members are talking about online. Join the conversation at facebook.com/LakeOswegoReview or lakeoswegoreview.com:

("Visions for LOSD's future include possibility of combining high schools," Jan. 14): As a former PTA president at all the levels of school in LO, I think combining schools is a terrible idea. Smaller schools mean more opportunities for children to excel in academics, theater, music, leadership, art and athletics. Lake Oswego has the best schools in the state and smaller schools are one of the main reasons why.

— Shelley Seeds Engle

When I moved to Lake Oswego, I was shocked at how poor the facilities are for the kids here in elementary school and junior high. They should be remodeling these schools every decade instead of every 50 years. If other school districts in much smaller and lower-income cities can do it, so can we.

— Eric Goranson

This is concerning to families who have small children and have moved to LO specifically for the schools. It's challenging to have confidence and trust with current leadership. It's uncomfortable to have these types of decisions made for our children's future.

— Jenna Fallon Schindler

It's going to take jobs away from the teachers. As a graduate of Lakeridge high School, I vote against it. It also means longer commutes for kids that live near Lakeridge.

— Sarah Annesabrina Taylor-Kondoleon

The elementary schools are overflowing now! Oak Creek displaced 60 kindergarten families this year! How are you going to close another elementary school?

— Megan Habriel-Hastings

One high school is less opportunities for students to participate in sports, music, theater, etc.

— Maria Hufton Belcik

Last i checked, LO schools are tops in the state. If it ain't broke, why fix it? This doesnt sound like a good idea to me.

— Ken Vogel

I couldn't be happier with the education our kids are getting in LOSD. I'd like to see what the committee thinks the merger would accomplish. I struggle to imagine how it would result in a better education.

— Tom Seaman

As a 35-year resident, I will vote against it.

— Michael Hickey

You've got to be kidding. That makes absolutely zero sense.

— CJ McNulty

Great idea!

— Judi Ellen Babcock

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