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Cutting down trees

I will probably be run out of town on a rail for this letter. However, I feel compelled to respond to the letters to the editor I just read in the Jan. 7 issue of The Review concerning the removal of trees at the Oswego Lake Country Club.

People, calm down!  Trees are a renewable resource in Oregon!  You do remember the saga of the spotted owl?  Environmentalists, in an effort to save the spotted owl, effectively destroyed the timber industry in Oregon while the spotted owl simply moved its habitat to another region.  They are alive and well, unlike our timber industry.

Let’s remember this is private land, much like your own property.  Lake Oswego has a tree removal process that will do what it does.  We have lots and lots of trees in our town (and a lot are dying, diseased and need removal). Are you sure you will even notice the missing trees on the country club golf course?

Lynn Guzie

Lake Oswego

What about the victim?

Recently, the Lake Oswego School District sent home some verbiage about how it is dealing with bullying. They even had someone from Coaching Peace provide the words.

Part of this communication reads: “Oswego BRAVE is an initiative created specifically by a committee of parents and educators whose primary focus is to support a safe and positive learning environment for all of our students. Being Respectful And Valuing Everyone (BRAVE) means we are working together as a community to ensure all of our children feel heard and valued.”

Something very important is missing from this “new” program: the victim. The bullies should be made to apologize (sincerely) in person (with mediation) and in writing, so the victim can re-read when needed.  Forever.  The school and coaches who allow this to happen should also apologize in both ways.  Maybe a follow-up with the victim after three months, then again every six months.

Unfortunately, I personally know at least three students who have had very big problems with being bullied, even after being responsible kids and reporting it to the school administration. No one came to support the victims. One student left the whole school district!

My child has been out of high school for many, many years, but it was the same back then. If you have wealthy and influential parents (or family), you can smoke pot in the hall and only get detention for a day or two.

JB Lockhart

Lake Oswego

Talking about Sanders

Speakers are now available to community groups interested in learning more about the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. If you would like to plan a presidential candidate forum or simply extend an individual invitation to each campaign, we would like to participate.

Our purpose is to discuss the Sanders agenda clearly and substantively and contrast it with our opponent, Hillary Clinton. Again, we can join other campaigns in a forum or just do it individually.

We can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rich Cohen, coordinator

Bernie Sanders Speakers Bureau


More alike than different

Every parent wants to see their child on the front page of The Review. I want to thank Vern Uyetake and The Review staff for choosing Eli to grace the front page of the paper on Jan. 7.

Some might have not noticed that Eli’s shoulders are a little rounded, his ears smaller than others, and that his eyes have a unique almond shape. (Hard to see through the googles.) I guess out of the water he looks a little different than others, but when he is in the water, he is swimming with as much competitiveness as the other athletes and he looks the same to me. (His flip turn needs just a little refining, but pretty much an excellent freestyle form.)

I just want to tell you that featuring a kid with Down syndrome on the front page to represent the Lake Oswego High swim team truly shows what the Kerr family has known all along: that we live in a great community that supports so many kids like Eli.

The coaches, teachers and students of our schools really confirm what we know: that we are more alike than different.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Kerr family

Lake Oswego

Hot topics

Here’s what community members are talking about online. Join the conversation at facebook.com/LakeOswegoReview or lakeoswegoreview.com:

(“Survey to gauge public’s interest in city-owned fiber network,”” Dec. 31): Just a few facts. This will likely be a “dark” line with no content included. Residents would still have to pay for TV, phone, etc. The cost sounds good, but you get only Internet access, and you would most likely wind up with two bills a month — one from the city for Internet and another from the cable company for TV and other services. Comcast just raised my internet to 250 mps for no extra charge. How much faster does one’s internet need to be?

— Gerry Good

(City rejects country club’s inititial plan to cut 197 trees,” Jan. 7): Cutting down 256 trees to improve playability should be as difficult to obtain a permit as it is for any indiividual landowner to remove a single tree. The City should evaluate EVERY tree being proposed to be cut down to the same criteria and scrutiny imposed by the City’s tree removal ordinance and nothing less.

— Rick Parfrey

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