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What is Save Our Village?

We are a grassroots organization. We welcome redevelopment in Lake Oswego that preserves our quality of life and the character of our picturesque downtown in scale and design. We do not welcome the overdevelopment of the Wizer block into a high-density five-story apartment complex.

  • Fact: At Save Our Village we support redevelopment. We are not “worriers” who fear change and oppose growth. We welcome growth that complements Lake Oswego — not overdevelopment that will change the character of Lake Oswego forever. We are opposed to the mass, height, scale and design of the modernistic and unauthentic designs of the Wizer proposal, which do not complement our redeveloping downtown. The proposed buildings are four- and five stories (not to code). The Wizer proposal would bring 228 stark, repetitious apartments to the heart of downtown. Despite previous assurances, a Dec. 3 memorandum from the developer states that no condominiums are planned: “At this point, the residences will be 100 percent for rent” with ability to change in the future.
  • Fact: “Lake Oswego style” is Arts and Crafts, Oregon Rustic and Tudor. W&K Development style is a modern block style architecture. Google “W&K Development Current Projects” to view their portfolio; their architects also are known for modern design.
  • Fact: This is a Portland-driven urban project supported by project staff who live in Portland, developers and architects from Portland (W&K Development), a Portland attorney-consultant hired previously to advance the Foothills/streetcar project and some re-emerged supporters of the high-density 90-foot Foothills proposal.
  • Fact: The Evergreen Neighborhood Association voted to reject W&K’s redevelopment proposal. The Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition (LONAC) voted to support the Evergreen Neighborhood Association’s “no” position on the Wizer W&K five-story complex. Save Our Village supports the ENA and LONAC in opposing the current W&K proposal.
  • Fact: Mayor Studebaker pledged: “Redevelopment, growth and zoning should preserve and enhance the character of Lake Oswego ... (the) city should not confuse wise development with increased density in our neighborhoods.” We believe the mayor, city council slate and design review commission should honor their commitments to serve the citizens of Lake Oswego. We believe the city should not make exceptions to the city’s code sought by this developer. Making these exceptions will not preserve or enhance the character of Lake Oswego but will instead bring high-density to the heart of our downtown and increased traffic.
  • Fact: The city is contributing $5.5 million to this project (LORA money). LORA money comes from a loan to the city. The increased property taxes of $680,000 will not benefit taxing districts until between 2030 and 2044. LORA debt will be paid before the city will reap the tax benefits.
  • Fact: Save Our Village is committed to responsible change and growth. We ask for complementary design that enhances and preserves our small-scale downtown per the community development code. We are committed to working with developers who respect our codes, preserve our architectural roots and our quality of life.
  • Fact: Save Our Village relies solely on volunteers. We accept donations from concerned citizens to help with attorney fees, mailings, etc. Thank you for your generous support.
  • Reach Save Our Village at 333 S. State St., V-345, Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (donations are not tax deductible). Email at saveRvillage@aol.com.

    Leslie Pirrotta, Lake Oswego, is a member of Save Our Village.

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