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Only 'self-serving action going on' is by S&H

In response to the article in last week’s Lake Oswego Review regarding mining at the site across the street for the current S&H Logging (along with comments by S&H Compliance Director Will Gehr):Quimby

There is more left than just mining, Mr. Gehr:

  • It is further composting across the street, massive 25-foot high storage piles of bark, hog fuel and fill dirt to be brought in and located along Stafford Road and no visual or sound barriers.
  • Elimination of all protective storm water/erosion controls from an earlier permit and also what is required by both county and state ordinances and permits.
  • Increase in truck traffic over what was previously contemplated in the previous composting and mining permit — with no accompanying traffic report.
  • Elimination of the noise and visual berms surrounding the property (note this is surrounded by homes and two schools).
  • No way under existing permits and requirements to control dust from the mining operation and transportation of that product as well as proposed storage truck hauling and stacking. 
  • Mr. Gehr implies that there were promises and suggestions that the legislation was a “stopgap” and that there would be long-term solutions. 
  • The fact is that the community reached out to S&H during the previous legislative action and said that they would work with them to help them. S&H, in their normal mode of operations and communications, ignored/rebuffed those overtures. S&H did solicit community input; however, they didn’t work with neighbors to come up with possible solutions.
  • The only “self-serving” action going on is that by S&H who are willing to put the school children and teachers at risk, contaminate the water table and the Tualatin River system, create a noise nuisance for all surrounding properties and significantly impact traffic in the area.

    One only needs to look at the long history of county notices of infractions and neighbor complaints to know that this is not a friendly neighbor, just the neighborhood bully acting up again. Just ask Mr. Gehr to bring forth any supporting neighbors, teachers, PSTAs, etc. (nor from what we understand even the state association that represents recycling and composting industry) and my guess is that he would be hard pressed to find one.

    Yes, there needs to be composting and the ability to keep this type of material out of our waste system. There are other operators and operations that seem to do a better job at being a good neighbor. Maybe we neighbors should be supporting and taking our yard debris to some other recycle location.

    Sally Quimby, Stafford, is a member of the Friends of Stafford group.

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