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Support the Boones Ferry Road improvement project

The Lake Oswego Sustainability Advisory Board urges the city council to move forward in a timely way with the Boones Ferry Road improvement project. We support the full suite of improvements identified for Boones Ferry Road for the following reasons:

The Boones Ferry Road project, an important element of the Lake Grove Village Center Plan adopted by the city council, improves the livability and sustainability (social, economic, and environmental) of the area and broader community in various ways, including:


  • More efficient and safer traffic flow.
  • Improved public health and safety.
  • Safer access for children walking and biking to Lake Grove Elementary School.
  • More opportunities for biking and walking, which promote health and socially connected communities.
  • Improved public spaces and attractive amenities that allow for community and neighbor interaction.


  • Walkable neighborhoods promote local businesses.
  • Increased property values and economic health of businesses and homeowners in the Lake Grove area.
  • Strategic investment of public dollars to spur and support further private investment in the area, including new development, business growth and attracting new businesses.
  • Environmental

  • More goods and services close by reduce the need to travel outside the area by car (“20-minute neighborhood” concept).

  • Safer biking and walking reduces vehicle miles traveled and improved traffic flow reduces vehicle idling, both of which reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and increase public health.
  • Cleaner water from improved storm drainage.
  • Planning for the Lake Grove area and the Boones Ferry Road improvement project has gone through a lengthy and extensive process of neighborhood and business cooperation and agreement, has already been extensively reviewed and adopted by the city council and voters have signaled approval through a positive vote on a bond measure.

    It is important for the city to invest in both of our town centers. Lake Grove business owners and residents have diligently supported public investment in the downtown area with many improvements, while the Lake Grove area has waited for its turn in the development process.

    The project has extensive street improvements, with underground cables that must be put in at one time. Thus it does not lend itself to a piecemeal solution, and must go forward as a whole. Also, it is important to keep to the planned schedule because delays will increase the project costs.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Members of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Advisory Board are Lisa Adatto, co-chair, Andre DeBar, Aden Eilers, youth member, Gary Hanifan, Priya Judge, youth member, Vidya Kale, Gregory Monahan, Mick Mortlock, E. Jay Murphy, Mary Ratcliff, co-chair, and Ron Smith.


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