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Common Core will not empower your children

I have learned as much as I can about Common Core. I am writing because I don’t think many parents really understand the impact Common Core will have on their children’s future. The basics will no longer be taught, and I wonder how your children can analyze math or science when they have no background to do that kind of thinking.

Karen Bowerman, a Lake Oswego City Councilor and Dean Emeritus of the College of Business & Public Administration at California State University, San Bernardino, demonstrated at a recent meeting how Common Core math will be taught. No longer would basic math learning be emphasized through repetition, but through conceptual views that are confusing for students because of their subjectivity. The Lake Oswego School Board was invited to attend the meeting, but no board members did.

Lake Oswego has brought in new Superintendent Heather Beck, who is developing a vision for Common Core, and new Director of Secondary Education Joe Morelock, who thinks Common Core is about student growth (but not achievement) that requires constant testing. How much testing is necessary? What does it all mean? Why are elementary school students being released two hours early and junior high students earlier so that teachers can have extra time to analyze where students need to improve to better understand Common Core State Standards?

I am sure you know by now that Common Core is a takeover by the federal government. It has been decided that the states should teach Common Core, and the states have been manipulated into enacting it. Several states have now opted out. Common Core is a form of indoctrination rather than education. Will students be pledging allegiance to the United States of America and learning American history? I suggest you read Holly Swanson’s book, “Training for Treason, the Harmful Agenda behind Education for Sustainability,” or Brad McQueen’s “The Cult of Common Core: Obama’s Final Solution for your Child’s Mind.” Both books are at the LO Library or can be ordered.

From preschool on, there is intrusive data mining of all students in order to use this information publicly. The key to data collection is the tests themselves. On your Google website or whatever you use, type in “Common Core: Education Without Representation.” It does not prepare students for a four-year college degree! Does this sound like this is empowering students or giving them choices? Do you know that in the end they will not have a choice of career; rather Common Core will direct them to a career?

We all love our children and grandchildren and want the best for them. Stop Common Core now.

Gale Gipson is a Lake Oswego resident.

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