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Schools foundation supports levy renewal

The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board of Directors enthusiastically supports the school levy renewal on the ballot this November.

Our exceptional schools embody the many qualities that make our community dynamic, active, diverse, entertaining, engaging, vibrant and caring.

Having a community with outstanding arts, parks, cultural activities, recreation and, yes, schools, doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through careful planning and conscious investment in these treasures that make Lake Oswego a wonderful place to live. The local option levy renewal is one way we can invest in our community, by supporting our schools.

We are blessed with citizens who believe in our schools and who take the initiative to keep our schools great. Hence we have had a local option levy, which provides approximately 10 percent of the LOSD budget. Those extra dollars are on top of what the state allocates, and are used to offer a wide array of academic programs; to keep class sizes low; to hire reading, math and other specialists; and to keep our schools truly exceptional.

The local option levy does not add any additional taxes. It is simply a renewal of the existing levy, at a rate of $1.39 per $1,000 assessed value.

Whether you have children in our schools or not, the benefits from maintaining an outstanding school district are many and permeate all aspects of our city. You have the opportunity to maintain excellence in our schools and our community by voting yes on the levy renewal.

But remember, it’s not just enough to simply support the levy renewal — you have to vote. So please mark and return that ballot when it arrives in your mailbox. Do not miss this opportunity to keep our schools — and our city — wonderful.

Please join your Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board in voting yes on Ballot Measure 3-434.

Kerry Griffin, Lake Oswego, is president of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board of Directors and submitted this on behalf of the foundation board.


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