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Board needs Hutson

Last week, Ed Hutson and I talked about his candidacy for a seat on the Lake Oswego School Board, his goals and what he brings to the party. I was so taken by this straightforward, open-handed man that I’m pitching in to support him. He is centrist politically, cordial, bright and genuine, with a soothing persona. Ed has proven he is willing to work quietly in this community, and I believe he will take an egalitarian approach to social issues.

Ed is a small-business owner with an extensive background in construction, industrial maintenance and project management — all qualities and skills that are right on the mark. He said without blinking that there is a coming bond issue to address, and that the board simply must pull in harness to accomplish some important and difficult short-term goals in order to establish a meaningful planning program for the longer run.

This guy doesn’t shrink away from problems, and what I took away is the feeling that he will have a calming and collegial effect on this board that is going to be needed once Patti Zebrowski leaves office. Join me in supporting Ed Huston.

Rick Hendon

Lake Oswego

Barman represents all

As a 40-year native of Lake Oswego, I have witnessed the rivalry between Lakeridge and Lake Oswego high schools morph from healthy competition to battles over budgetary allocations and transfer students. When LOSD board members are elected this spring, Lake Oswego residents must consider that we are one school district with one common goal: maintaining a world class education throughout the LOSD. As Dr. Heather Beck begins her tenure as superintendent, we need board members with experience, leadership and a balanced perspective to help her execute her plan.

Bob Barman has served our community well for four years as an LOSD board member. Bob is a longstanding Lake Oswego community member and has the passion and drive to ensure the excellence in education synonymous with Lake Oswego schools continues. Bob has spearheaded several identifiable improvements to the curriculum, including establishing a Spanish immersion program, making critical classes like Engineering and Power Reading readily available to every high school student and increasing the number of Honors English sections to meet demand, all while maximizing the efficiency of our limited budgetary resources.

I encourage voters to consider Bob’s proven track record of positively impacting the quality of education for the entire school district when casting their ballots.

Michael Coyne

Lake Oswego

Common goals

I was very happy to see the Citizen’s View from Coach Steve Coury (“Open minds will calm the waters,” April 16) for a number of reasons, primarily because he expressed something my husband and I have been thinking since we moved to Lake Oswego over 15 years ago.

While we appreciate a healthy rivalry, we have struggled to understand the intensity often exhibited between the north and south sides of the city, especially when emotions became overly heated and shift to an “us-versus-them” and attacking tone.

We live in an outstanding community by ANY standards. People move here, in large part, for our schools. In the many letters to the editor streaming in as we elect our next school board member, parent after parent testifies to being attracted to the entirety of the LO school district — not the north side vs. south side, the high school vs. the elementary or middle schools, or frankly, solely because of the athletics.

Let’s please keep our eye on the larger picture. As parents, we have an obligation to our children and to the community to model the type of behavior we wish to engender. I appreciate there are differing opinions. At the same time, I fervently hope we can keep the dialogue constructive, positive and focused on continuing to grow and maintain excellent schools for ALL in our community. Education, including athletics and the arts, raises all boats and gives us the opportunity to become better citizens of the world.

We have a great thing going in Lake Oswego. Let’s remember its wonderful future will be strengthened, or denigrated, by the role models we choose to be.

Ellen Recko

Lake Oswego

Barman advocates equity

I’m supporting Bob Barman for re-election to the Lake Oswego School District Board because all Lake Oswego School District students should have the same opportunities to succeed.

I could spend a lot of space reviewing Bob’s credentials and accomplishments, including his key leadership role in bringing home football games to Lakeridge High School and his four-year term advocating for equal opportunities and resources as a member of the Lake Oswego School Board. Bob Barman, more than any other Lake Oswego citizen I’ve met during 21 years as a resident, is willing to “go to the mat” to ensure that resources are equitably allocated for all students in the district.

Bob has been and will continue to be a strong and effective advocate for all LO school district families. Bob brings balance and perspective to the school board, attributes that cannot be taken for granted. Bob’s integrity, passion, experience and persistence will further the community’s educational aspirations. Bob is the candidate that can and will do what it takes to ensure that all students have equal access to district resources.

Doug Rich

Lake Oswego

Delay first day of school

I am currently a freshman at Lake Oswego High School, and I do not like that the district is pushing the start of school into August for two reasons.

First, I don’t think that people can handle the heat in the classrooms without air conditioning. With hot classrooms and no way to cool them, it can be very difficult to focus and get work done.

Second, one less week of summer break disrupts families’ travel and vacation plans. With fewer opportunities for families to get away, the youth miss out on precious family experiences that we do not have much time left to enjoy.

Michael Meerdink

Lake Oswego

Barman’s commitment genuine

Lake Oswego Schools need Bob Barman for four more years. Bob is and has been a tireless champion for all kids in our district. He is a leader who believes in the power and the potential of every student in our district and the importance of ensuring all our kids have access to the best our district has to offer.

In his first term, Bob lead the charge to ensure that our district expanded and enhanced its curriculum to ensure access and fairness for all students. Among his many contributions: Honors English at both high schools; Spanish immersion at the elementary level; expanded language offerings at younger grade levels; and the selection of a nationally recognized new superintendent with a smooth transition from our longtime, retiring superintendent.

Most importantly, Bob’s passion and commitment to our kids and our community is real. It is genuine. Bob is a successful business owner who has served our community in countless capacities for 30 years. He embodies the pursuit of excellence. He reaches out to learn from others. He asks hard questions. He thinks big and broadly, and he is driven to ensure that our kids are prepared to compete in any arena they choose.

Pamela Catlett

Lake Oswego

Retirees for Ed Hutson

As two Lake Oswego retirees who’ve had grandchildren go through the Lake Oswego School District, we are writing in full support of Ed Hutson for school board.

We moved to this great town nine years ago to be closer to our kids and grandkids, but have supported the district for nearly 30 years. It has been wonderful to experience the close-knit, welcoming and positive community of Lake Oswego. Our hope is that Lake Oswego continues to be a place where families want to stay, other families want to move and retirees want to live. We believe this recipe starts with our school board.

The decisions made by the school board will not impact our children or even our grandchildren — they are too old. It will, however, influence the education of our great-grandchildren. The school board will impact the overall image, livability and marketability of our community, and we wholeheartedly believe Ed Hutson is the perfect candidate for enhancing these qualities in the years to come.

We admit we are in the winter of our lives, but we still follow all the happenings in the school community. Transitioning to new leadership is part of life and is very healthy. Our school board needs new life and fresh perspectives now more than ever. As older people, we like to live in the past (occasionally) and tell stories, but the school board needs to be facing the future. That is why we are voting for Ed Hutson.

Carol and Ralph Riggs

Lake Oswego

Barman good for Lake Oswego

Like so many that I know, my wife and I moved here to raise our family because of the reputation and strength of the Lake Oswego School District. As a family, our children are our most precious possession. As a community, our schools are arguably our most valuable assets. We must always fight to do all that we can to keep our schools at a level that provides our children with an exceptional education and opportunities for the future.

Our family supports Bob Barman because he understands the importance of a strong education. He has fought tirelessly to bring much-needed curriculum revisions to the district, and has done so in an equitable and responsible manner that promotes and builds the Lake Oswego community as a whole.

Bob knows what it takes to put together a successful long-term plan to benefit children today and into the future. He asks the important questions and seeks answers by looking outside the box. He identifies where education is working and does what it takes to bring solutions home to Lake Oswego.

Bob has the values, experience and, most importantly, the passion to positively build our schools. Please join me in voting for Bob.

Tom Moore

Lake Oswego

A decision to remember

How sad that city leaders are determined to sell the West End Building and its 14 prime acres, because they are passing up the opportunity to own and use this wonderful facility and acreage.

As an 88-year-old octogenarian, I have nothing personally to gain one way or the other by staying in the WEB fray. But I can’t help thinking of the massive number of baby boomers, soon to be seniors, who would benefit greatly from the spaces in the WEB building.

As I read The Review, I’m constantly aware that Lake Oswego doesn’t attract a lot of families with young children. The WEB, with spaces for children’s activities, would be a wonderful attracter of younger families.

If selling the WEB is such a great idea, I would hope that The Review would take a picture of City Council members standing in front of a big SOLD sign and holding a huge check in their hands. Then The Review could publish this picture every five years so that future generations will know who sold one of Lake Oswego’s crown jewels.

Clifford Mansley

Lake Oswego

Barman a dedicated leader

Beginning in 1943, three generations of our family attended Oswego schools. In 72 years, 11 of us benefited from great schools, great teachers and school boards dedicated to providing our town with the best in public education.

Now comes another school board election. For one of the positions, our community must choose between two candidates. In that race, Bob Barman is clearly the better choice. We are grateful Bob is willing to be re-elected and extend his years of commitment to education. Our children are well served by his proven leadership and forward thinking.

I had the good fortune to serve with Bob on another volunteer board. In reflecting back, he introduced some of our most innovative and successful policies. He displayed an ability to understand trends and then position our board to manage expectations. By adopting several of his ideas, the directors became more effective and our stakeholders continue to benefit from his initiatives.

Over many years, our schools earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. By attracting and keeping dedicated leaders like Bob Barman, the school board will continue to implement strategies for success. Sustaining Lake Oswego’s quality of education is important to our family and to your family.

Join us in voting for Bob Barman.

Don Burdick

Lake Oswego

A fresh perspective

The Lake Oswego School Board election is at a pivotal moment. We need to choose a fresh beginning and get the board focused back on the education of our children. We need a board member that works for all our schools and every child.  We also need to have a board member with kids in school, recent experiences and fresh perspective.

My vote is for Ed Hutson to reunite Lake Oswego.

As a longtime resident, I had not sensed the divide between the constituencies of north verses south. This has changed over the last several years, with bipartisanship on the board and divisive favoritism in representation by some board members. From the outside, the two high schools are nearly identical in graduation rates, test scores and state and national rankings. This is the direct result of decades of commitment, focus and hard work by our school, foundation and community leaders. We need to bring this district commitment back to Position 5.

Ed Hutson is the right person to bring this focus back. His construction background is instrumental in stretching the value of a dollar to address school maintenance. His open temperament and welcoming persona attracts new education-oriented families to our district. Finally, he has an unbiased perspective to bring the focus back on educational standards for all the children in the whole district.

Vote for Ed Hutson.

Kevin Robertson

Lake Oswego

Barman has skills we need

As a former school board chair and a taxpayer, I know this school board election is critical for our children, our community character and our property values. And after attending a recent community forum, I know we need to re-elect Bob Barman because of his formidable knowledge of our community’s “fabric” and his construction and management skills.

Critical upcoming decisions include selling, renting or repairing buildings; a bond measure is planned. Bob owns five gas stations, one built as the first net-zero eco-freindly gas station. He has the construction and facilities background that will be critical to formulating and managing a facilities bond project.

Because he successfully has worked with community leaders, they endorse him. See barman4losd.com/endorsements.

I was overwhelmed by Bob’s knowledge of our facilities, testing, teachers and students. He is very, very impressive.

Deborah Lopardo

Lake Oswego


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