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Citizen's View: Vote 'Yes' on charter amendment 3-489

In 1998, the voters of Oregon approved voting by mail. But prior to 1998 and continuing today, Section 24 of the Lake Oswego Charter requires that notices of City elections be posted at City Hall and in one public place in each voting precinct in the city at least 10 days before the election.

State law now requires that elections be conducted by mail, with ballots being mailed no later than 14 days before each election. The mailed ballot serves as a notice of the pending election to each voter. Because votes are now cast by mail or drop-off, there are no longer polling places within the city.

With vote by mail now in place and every registered voter receiving a ballot, the posting of election notices around the city is an unnecessary expense. Because voting is now by mail, there are no longer neighborhood locations at which ballots are cast. Hence, the need for posting is no longer needed. Notification in the Lake Oswego Review will continue.

The City Council has unanimously decided it is time to amend Section 24 of the Lake Oswego Charter to better reflect the change in voting and to save the time and expense associated with posting of election notices. Times have changed, and how we manage our election process should be updated accordingly.

Will registered voters still receive their ballots in the mail? Yes.

Will the City save time and money if the charter amendment is approved? Yes.

Will the City continue to post notice of the election in the Lake Oswego Review? Yes.

Will the City continue to provide ballot drop-off sites? Yes.

We urge the citizens of Lake Oswego to vote yes on Charter Amendment 3-489, which will bring our charter up to date.

This Citizen’s View was submitted by Councilor Jeff Gudman on behalf of Mayor Kent Studebaker (candidate for mayor), Councilor Joe Buck, Councilor Charles Collins (candidate for City Council), Councilor Jon Gustafson (candidate for mayor), Councilor Jackie Manz, Councilor Skip O’Neill (candidate for City Council), Theresa Kohlhoff (candidate for City Council) and John LaMotte (candidate for City Council).