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These volunteers hit a home run

Having now “retired” after three years of Little League coaching, I wanted to publicly thank the amazing volunteers who do so much for our young players in this community.

Bill Grimm and Chris Stewart deserve special recognition for their steady leadership. Ed Hutson deserves a loud round of applause for donating his time, equipment and resources to vastly improve the field and bullpens at Westlake Park. There are also so many enthusiastic parents and young adults who have served on the Little League board, prepped the fields, run the snack shacks, ordered the uniforms, updated the website, taken pictures, organized tournaments, umpired games, etc.

Finally, I’d like to tip my cap to our fellow coaches, who do this for the right reasons - developing and encouraging our young players to learn and respect the great game of baseball with integrity, hard work, and good sportsmanship.

Thank you for letting my family be a part of it.

Doug Davis

Lake Oswego

Run (and glow!) to beat cancer

We are delighted to announce the introduction of an all-new event as part of the annual Relay for Life celebration — a glow-in-the-dark 5k run called Lunar Stride! Join Relay For Life of Lake Oswego for the first annual run on Saturday, July 12, at 9 p.m. at the Lake Oswego High School track. Lunar Stride is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a healthy jog with the whole family while supporting the American Cancer Society.

Get decked out in your glow gear and register online at www.relayforlife.org. The registration fee is $36. The event is sponsored by AMR and the Lake Oswego Fire Department.

We Run to Beat Cancer.

Jamie Inglis


Stop using cell phones while driving

It seems to me that Lake Oswego has become a little town with no laws. Oregon passed a law prohibiting driving while using a cell phone a while back, but it has yet to gain real traction in this town. Why? The cops never pull over people for this obvious infraction, which we see every day.

I am sick and tired of being almost run over by drivers on the phone. While this may be a cool thing now, in the end I hope it will go away!

Cary Gatewood

Lake Oswego

Thank you from Meals on Wheels

The Lake Oswego Meals-on-Wheels board is happy to announce that the third-annual Lake Oswego Academy of Dance fundraiser was the most successful single-day fundraising effort in our history, with over $9,300 dollars raised. That amount will provide more than 2,300 meals for isolated seniors and persons with disabilities.

This was accomplished through the efforts of the wonderful and enthusiastic staff of the Lake Oswego Academy of Dance, led by Rebecca Harris Wear, and by the donations of many generous businesses and individuals in Lake Oswego and the Portland area. These donors include:

Unisource Manufacturing, Inc. — Joe Thompson; Metis Wealth Advisory Group — Ray & Brenda Grubbs; Hasson Real Estate Company; Harnish Properties; Five Spice; Tucci; Gubanc’s Pub; Babica Hen Café; Baird’s on B; Jefe; Blast Burger; Zeppo; Ricardo’s; Deno’s Pizza; New Seasons Market — Mountain Park; Albertson’s - Lake Oswego; Lambs Nature’s Choice Market; Zupans - Lake Oswego; Peet’s Coffee & Tea — Lake Oswego; Starbucks — McVey; Starbucks — Meadows; UU Yogurt — Lake Oswego; The Oilerie; Bob’s Red Mill; Francesca’s; Soletta Shoes; and Mela, A Shoe & Apparel Boutique.

Also: Yours Truly Personalized Gifts; Serendipity Antiques & Curios; Grapevine Women’s Apparel; New to You, Simply Posh — Lake Oswego; Consigning Women; Country Square Barber Shop; Glass Butterfly; Trios Studio - Mountain Park; Frederick Squire Antiques; Bella Bloom Floral; Helping Hands Home Care; Encompass Health — Lake Oswego; Elements Therapeutic Massage — Lake Oswego; Lake Theater & Café; The Springs at Carmen Oaks; Betsy’s Pet Sitting Service; and Director’s Mortgage — Lake Oswego.

Also: On Point Community Credit Union — Lake Oswego; Columbia Bank - Lake Oswego; Portland Rose Festival — Ron Renfro; Lake Oswego Academy of Dance — Princess Camp & Cheer Camps; Nancy Sergeant; Lynn Brokaw, Hasson; Sharon Loffelmacher, Hasson; Kevin Costello, Hasson; Corey Rudolph, Hasson; Debbie Laue, Hasson; Chris Casebeer, Hasson; Audrey Hudetz, Hasson; Desiree Whitehall, Hasson; Marcia Kies, Hasson; and Shelle Winkler, Windermere.

Plus, to all the generous parents, grandparents and other audience members who so enjoyed the amazing performances of the delightful dancers and who donated so willingly: The Lake Oswego Meals-on-Wheels Board is truly thankful.

Frank Bridwell and Brenda Grubbs

Co-presidents, Lake Oswego Meals on Wheels Advisory Board

First Days of Summer

The body is so ancient

It tracks the slightest change.

As the world tips back,

We feel snow filling the roads

Behind the shimmering curtain

Of the new season’s heat.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Where’s the Beef?  

When I learned about the Wizer Block revisions, my response was, “Where’s the beef?” Although it promised significant revisions prompted by intense community opposition, the changes are decidedly underwhelming.

The scale is still too large; the project still too dense.  This development might work well a few blocks away, but not in the center of the crown jewel of Lake Oswego: Millennium Plaza, perched at the edge of Oswego Lake.

According to the Urban Development Plan, this area should be a “compact shopping district.” Instead, it’s primarily residential with 87 percent residential space and only 13 percent commercial. (It grew from a paltry 10 percent in the original proposal to a paltry 13 percent.)

It’s still more than three times the scale of Lake View Village — 91,096 square feet versus the revised Wizer Block at 290,000 square feet.  It’s still more than five times the number of units of Oswego Village Townhomes — 39 units versus 207 units.

The new plan claims 1.3 parking places per unit (29 coming from existing street parking). The larger units will be 3 bedrooms and up to 2,000 square feet.  It’s probably safe to assume that there will be, on average, two people per unit, or over 400 new residents across the street from Millennium Park. Imagine the congestion, noise, traffic and parking nightmare the new high-density downtown Lake Oswego will become. 

Is this really in the best interest of the community? Does it represent what benefits the majority of its citizens?

I still maintain that if this revised plan for the Wizer Block is developed, Lake Oswego will indeed become “a village on steroids.”

Katie Williams

Lake Oswego

Haven’t we heard all this before?

Change is difficult for many of us, but it usually turns out to be positive. Take our “village” for example. We keep hearing that people want the Wizer Block to be just like the “village,” and yet it was not many years ago that Gramor ran up against the same issues that have been stymying the development of the Wizer Block.

I recently ran across an article from The Review dated April 30, 1998, titled “Gramor Downtown Plan Gets Mixed Reviews.” This article sounds so similar to the concerns against the Wizer project that I had to look at the date again.

Comments from the public were:

  • “I’m not in favor of such a grand downtown. The size is overwhelming for the kinds of lives we want to live here.”

  • “I’m concerned that this will change the whole tone of Lake Oswego from a town to a city.”

  • “First Addition would be overwhelmed by the cut-through traffic and Evergreen would be swallowed up.”

    So, have all of the worst fears come true? Does everyone hate the “village?” Or, has it helped our town become closer? Just drive down A Avenue and see everyone out and about to know the answer to that.

    Isn’t it time to quit throwing out all our worst fears about the Wizer Block and let things progress? The developer is within our codes and has done everything the city has requested and more.

    And as for more retail space, we have some vacancies in the “village.” How do we know there won’t be more when the project on Carmen and Kruse gets finished?

    Jean Eves

    Lake Oswego

    Scale back the Wizer Block plans

    I find it preposterous that the debate over the development plans for the Wizer Block continues when it is obvious the citizenry has made it clear what it wants.  If the planning board of the city of Lake Oswego were listening to its constituency as closely as it is to the developers, this debate would have been over long ago.  The citizens are happy with the development of a Wizer Block, but one in conformity with the existing low-rise neighborhood and not the large development being proposed, even in its newest form.

    My suggestion is to scale the plans back 50 percent and prove that there will be no more congestion than there is today, Mr. Developer, and save the expense of PR firms to convince the citizens of Lake Oswego otherwise.

    Ted Ricks

    Lake Oswego

    Three cheers for Chelsea Boden

    It was great to read some positive Lakeridge High football news and see some action photos in Matt Sherman’s June 26 story about J.R. McLaughlin’s excellent performance in the Les Schwab All Star Bowl in June. Congratulations to J.R. for so well representing the Pacers!

    However, there is more to this story that should have been covered as well. Not one but two athletes were selected to represent Lakeridge at the Les Schwab Bowl. Representing the Pacers on the North All-Star Cheerleading Team was Chelsea Boden, also a 2014 Lakeridge graduate, and she more than deserves a shout out.

    The female athletes selected as All Star Cheerleaders were active on the sidelines the entire game — cheering, stunting, leading chants, doing stunts and dance routines, and putting on a halftime performance. They had only one 10-hour practice on the Thursday before the game and a two-hour practice the morning of the game to learn and perfect all-new material, including intricate stunts with bases and flyers who had never before worked together. What a great job they did of non-stop support for their fellow athletes who were on the football field, as well as showing the skills that result from year-round conditioning and team practice in their home schools!

    They and their All-Star coaches were not introduced during pre-game ceremonies as the young men and their coaches were, nor were they thanked or even mentioned in the post-game acknowledgments.

    Cheerleading is an OSAA-sanctioned team activity. These young women serve their schools throughout the year in regional, state, and national competitions, as well as supporting their school’s athletic teams at games and visibly participating as a team in multiple community service activities.

    Congratulations, Chelsea, for your selection and performance! You go, girl!

    Chelsea will be proudly attending University of Oregon in the fall.

    Dave and Lynne Booher

    Lake Oswego

    Fly the flag properly

    As we’ve driven around our community, by land vehicle and by boat, we have noticed something that should be fixed. It is the way the U.S. flag is being displayed.

    Way too many local households seem not to be aware of how to hang the flag when it’s done vertically. Please, simply remember that the blue field with the stars is shown in the upper left corner. This is correct when the flag is shown horizontally, and, yes, also when the flag is shown vertically.

    Perhaps some of us have forgotten what we learned in Scouts, or in the military. There is more information available online at www.ushistory.org/betsy/more/displayonly.htm.

    Anne Thompson

    Lake Oswego

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