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Passion and power push Bradley to excel

Example of late friend helps LO weightlifter shine at 'War Games'

Kelliegh Bradley showed great strength and technique with her outstanding performance against 360 athletes in the War Games held by Everyday Warriors.Kelliegh Bradley may be petite, but she is all muscle — and she proved it last month with her second-place performance in weightlifting at the Everyday Warriors War Games in Salem.

Bradley’s goal for the Feb. 20 competition was humble, to say the least.

“I was hoping not to finish in last place,” she said.

Instead, Bradley just missed the top rung, hefting 190 pounds in the RX maximum lift division. She also took sixth place in the overall CrossFit competition out of 360 athletes.

Apparently the only thing Bradley isn’t good at is bragging.

“I love this competition,” said Bradley, the recreation supervisor for the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department. “It’s my stress reliever. It’s so fun to go in a gym and forget about everything. But I didn’t think I would reach this level in weightlifting in CrossFit.”

To attain the condition she is in, Bradley had to show amazing discipline and dedication. But she also had huge motivation to do well in the War Games. She was inspired by the example of her friend Brittney Gill, also a weightlifter and CrossFit athlete, who died at the age of 30 from a rare form of cervical cancer in 2014.

It was Gill who brought Everyday Warriors into being, even while she was battling cancer. The primary mission of the organization is to financially support, inspire and empower individuals diagnosed with cancer who are currently undergoing treatment.

“We’re continuing her legacy,” Bradley said. “Checks of up to $15,000 are going to people who are going through cancer. It’s amazing to be part of this effort.”

Gill and her husband, Matt, were the first members of CrossFit Absolute, the fitness center in Sherwood owned by Bradley and her husband, Richard. While Everyday Warriors will undoubtedly leave a legacy for hundreds of athletes, Bradley will always be grateful for the personal legacy left to her by Gill.

“Brittany showed me how to not take anything for granted,” Bradley said, “and to not complain when things aren’t going so well. Today I tell myself, ‘I’m alive and well. I’m here and Brittany is not. I need to have fun.’”

Bradley will carry her friend’s legacy in the coming years. Her success at the War Games sharpened her ambition to accomplish even more in CrossFit competitions. After three months on a new training program, Bradley expects to push her personal record to over 200 pounds.

“I want to do good in weightlifting because that was what Brittany was really good at," she said. "Even while she had cancer she was still working out.”

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