Groupon has offered me a web design training package with 37 courses. Obviously, they don’t distinguish between the experts and the learners. I am part of the group that has not quite caught up with the newest tech products.

Oh, I have tried to improve and promised myself that this year I will be at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center with my laptop to expand my knowledge. Of course — if this resolution happens — I will put my daughter, my grandchildren and my son-in-law who works for Intel out of volunteering duty.

They always help me, and I think I understand the information. But then I get home and even with notes, I forget how to process what I thought I learned.

Right now, I am looking at a bunch of wire connectors or cables. I disconnected my printer because it refuses to print more than one-half a page. My friend Judy told me that her husband had the same problem and he solved it by disconnecting the thing. So I did the operation and yes, you guessed it, I could not reassemble the printer.

My good friend Pat — an expert in computer instruction — showed me how to use a flash drive so I could put my essays into book form for my family and friends. When I tried to use the flash drive at home, I couldn’t find the files we created. I needed help, but it is just too embarrassing to ask the expert to start all over again. And yes, I did take some notes during instruction.

When I am with my youngest grandson Josh he merrily emails, chats and plays games on his mom’s smartphone. Friends operate smart phones, iPods, kindles, and sign up for the latest model phone. I still operate with a primitive cell phone and I just answer and return phone calls.

My friends tell me that they have left me voice messages, but I have not mastered how to retrieve them. I do check with my recent missed calls and return them successfully.

My friend Ann’s grandson Nick suggested she explore some up-to-date technology. She told him that it was not a good time to do that but that she would always be in touch with him even when he went away to college. His reply was that she would be too old to learn.

My oldest grandson Eric goes to college in three years. Maybe if I wait a bit longer to learn how to use a smartphone system, someone will create a phone with a built in advisor who speaks instructions to the user. It would be similar to the GPS system.

So Groupon, I will pass on your offer. Being a web designer with 37 courses to choose from is far too intense for me. But I will sign up for courses at our adult community center. My goal for this year will be to master my flash drive.

I have three months to do it and have confidence in my ability to continue to learn the intricacies of my computer. Next year I will ask Josh to show me how to use a smart phone.

Joan Waldron is a member of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

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