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Resource number offered


Toll free number offers assistance to seniors, those living with disabilities

Oregon’s Aging and Disability Resource Connection opened a statewide toll-free telephone number so that all Oregonians can access resources and information from anywhere in the state on issues related to aging or living with a disability. The phone number is 1-855-ORE-ADRC.

The organization received more than 30,000 calls through local community telephone alone numbers last year.

“This is one of those phone numbers that all Oregonians should keep handy,” said Mike McCormick, deputy director of the Aging and People with Disabilities Program at the Oregon Department of Human Services.

“You may not need it now, but someday you will. As Oregonians age and baby boomers turn 65 in greater numbers, the ADRC will be here to answer questions and help families make decisions and locate vital services.”

Oregon’s ADRC is a one-stop shop”for older adults, people with disabilities, their caregivers and families to get the information and services as their health and long-term care needs change. The ADRC is accessible for people seeking long-term services and information to identify options that best suit their needs.

“The feedback we are receiving from callers is that this is exactly the service they needed and were looking for,” said Elaine Young, manager of the State Unit on Aging at DHS. “People didn’t know where to go or who to talk to for sorting things out about a loved one or for themselves. I heard so many people say that they finally know where to go to get the information and the support they need.”

For more information, call 1-855-ORE-ADRC or visit adrcoforegon.org. The website is also available in Spanish by clicking on “espanol” on the lower left side of the home page.