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Gardening group brings experience to plant problems


by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - The West Linn Adult Community Centers gardening group members share successes and failures on Wednesdays at 11 a.m.

Every senior center in the country must have a gardening group that meets either to actively garden or to discuss gardening practices and problems. The West Linn Adult Community Center’s gardening group, one of the longest-running groups at the center, spends an hour each week doing the latter.

Late last month 10 gardeners convened and were immediately impressed by the size and texture of a lavender hydrangea cutting one member had brought. It was huge and it was healthy. Everyone wanted a cutting to take home.

Discussing a proffered plant is often how the group begins its informal meetings. It’s a leaderless group, although Mary Hill, a high school science teacher in her previous life, gently guides the discussion. There’s no real agenda except for the 30-minute video of a local gardening TV show called “Garden Time” that Dick Hunt brings to the weekly meeting.

At this particular meeting, the topics ranged widely. Growing fire-resistant plants near your home’s foundation to help protect against wildfires came up, as did a discussion of patio chimeneas, those light bulb shaped earthenware fireplaces.

This was followed by an explanation of Heritage Trees and how they come to be designated as such. At the end of the hour, discussion devolved into stories about tree roots causing sewer line backups (If this hasn’t happened to you lately, you may have forgotten how much fun it is.) and aggressive beavers resisting efforts to prevent them chewing on willow trees along the Willamette River.

You just never know where the conversation will go. If you’d like to participate in a group like this, stop by the WLACC any Wednesday at 11 a.m. The group is welcoming, friendly and excited to share advice about gardening and some marginally related problems.

Here are the upcoming week’s activities. Call the center at 503-557-4704 for specific times and possible fees.

All lunches listed below are subject to change, but only for the better. Computer assistance is currently being offered by appointment between 9 a.m. and noon, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Friday, Aug. 9

Classes offered include core strength, strength and balance, Peripatetic Walkers, aerobics, oil painting, whist card group, pinochle and Texas hold ‘em poker. Lunch entrée is stuffed peppers.

Monday, Aug. 12

Classes include tai chi, Peripatetic Walkers, woodcarving, aerobics, hand and foot card game and bridge. Lunch entrée is pizza and salad.

Tuesday, Aug. 13

Sessions offered include Senior Law Project by appointment, gentle yoqa, Honoring Our Memories writing group and ukulele strummers.

Wednesday, Aug. 14

Classes offered include Peripatetic Walkers, chair aerobics, core strength, strength and balance, gardening, line dancing and pinochle. Lunch entrée is soup and sandwiches.

Thursday, Aug. 15

Classes offered include core strength, strength and balance, gentle yoga, knitting/crocheting, bridge and Exercise for All.

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