It was in the bustling waiting room of the medical office that she sat. There, surrounded by her moss-green blanket, she waited helplessly for someone to come and care for her. She uttered no complaints, though all the while hoping for someone to attend to her needs. Then, at last, came one who looked at her situation with compassion and straightened the blanket covering her sad situation.

The would-be caregiver assessed the situation thinking she just needs a little water; perhaps that would revive her. But then the caregiver was called into X-ray. She dutifully answered the call, intending to care for the patient’s undiagnosed need when she returned.

But, no, when she passed by again, she was focused on her departure from the waiting room and failed to respond to the need of the withering soul.

Will anyone ever hear the silent cry of the wilted philodendron and give the pathetic patient a simple drink of water?

Jeanie Anderson is a member of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

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