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Purpose of vacation is to stay well, not get well


The challenge for older people is to stay fit so they can travel. After all, frequent travel is one of the benefits of retirement. To do this, my contemporary friends feel a need to improve their balance.

Those who make it as far as the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center sign up for classes. This works, providing they can find a vacancy. Zumba 50+, tai chi, exercise to music, gentle yoga, line dancing, strength training, aerobic exercise and Sit and Be Fit are all classes offered.

My daughter and I ventured to Palm Desert for our spring break in February this year. It was clear that people had neglected another facet of their well-being before traveling by having a dental checkup. There was a lot of help available as evident by the large dental signs such as Bright Now Dental, Desert Crossing Dental, Dental Group, Advanced Dental and Lifelike Dentures and Partials.

Other precautions apparently had been ignore. Attractive road signs led you in, such as Palm Desert Urgent Care, Executive Urgent Care, Good Feet or, as a last resort, Smart Cremation.

An unexpected, amusing thing happened one morning when we decided to try an inexpensive chain restaurant for breakfast. They had made an attempt to upgrade their service. Two waiters approached our table and one said, “My name is Jake. I am your server today, Jeff is my assistant.” Wow! Were we impressed. We save a few dollars by avoiding the high class, high priced restaurants.

Our Palm Desert vacation was topped off with a wonderful live concert by the traveling Ten Tenors, a group of young men who had just arrived from Australia. The concert hall was huge and elaborate, reflecting its proximity to Los Angeles.

Palm Desert has so much to offer and we will come again. To prepare for the vacation I will sign up early for an exercise class to improve my balanace, and most important, I will be sure to visit my dentist before I go.

After reading all those help available signs I will keep in mind my purpose of taking a vacation is not to get well, but to stay well.

Helen Oredson Mahle is a member of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.