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Got the bug to remodel your kitchen or another room of your house? Now is a great time to get started, according to John and Sandy Hendricks of Ovation Design Build in Lake Oswego. The couple has worked together as a design build team since 1987, focusing first on new home construction before adding remodeling to their services.

“Because renovation is as much about problem solving and process as it is about design and choices, the challenges and the rewards are immense,” said Sandy Hendricks, who is a certified kitchen design specialist. To help the public get the most out of their remodel budget, Sandy is offering free seminars titled “How to Save Thousands on your Kitchen Remodel.”

“We understand how difficult it is to save and spend money in the home,” she said. “Therefore we wanted to reach out to homeowners by walking through the key steps in allocating costs to a kitchen remodel.”

Hendricks said she likes to begin by having homeowners complete a questionnaire that helps them determine what they like and don’t like about their current kitchen and qualify what they need. Collecting pictures of styles that you like from magazines helps give you and them ideas to incorporate in the design.

“Go for the gold!” John Hendricks said. “Put your ideas on a wish list and see what it costs. Think about your space and how you work, too.”

He advises that keeping the footprint of the room intact will always save you money.

John and Sandy Hendricks said there are five components that need consideration when remodeling a kitchen: cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring and fixtures.

If cabinets are not being replaced, they can be updated with fresh paint, stain or overlays, end panels and other special features. The most important aspect of cabinets is to be sure they are durable. Ovation has many sources for cabinetry, made from with a wide range of materials, paints, stains, etc. as well as shelving and door options.

Countertop material choices are numerous, as well, and there is something for every budget. Sandy advises that if your budget doesn’t allow you to do the complete project at one time, save part for later.

“Paint the backsplash now and then tile it when you have the money,” she said.

When choosing appliances, Sandy suggests that you can mix and match brands to fit your budget.

“I like the counter depth appliances because they look like built-ins,” she said.

With options of everything from laminates to bamboo and hardwood, flooring can be a very big or not so big item in your budget.

“Just be careful to watch the quality — and with bamboo you will see huge variations in quality,” he said.

Adequate lighting is essential for kitchen productivity as well as ambience. The Hendricks have many methods of getting the lighting right using sequences of lights and dimmers.

Fixtures such as faucets, towel bars and doorknobs and drawer pulls all add to the look of the remodel and subsequently add to the total cost.

The Hendrickses have learned more than a few tricks of the trade in their 27 years in the industry. They say remodeling projects can go haywire if people don’t take time to develop the correct plan, under estimate what the project will cost or under estimate the time needed to complete the various steps of the project.

John said the time it takes to get from concept to completed design depends on how much thought the clients have put into what they want.

“You want to allow plenty of time to get a solid plan,” he said. “To go from idea to plan takes at least a month. Large projects — where you are moving walls — will take more. You have to write the plan, then the contract, order materials. ... And we don’t start until everything ordered has arrived so the homeowner isn’t inconvenienced longer than necessary.”

“A How to Save Thousands on Your Kitchen Remodel” seminar will be held tonight from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Ovation Design Build, 5833 Jean Road. To reserve a seat in tonight’s seminar or future seminars, call the Hendrickses at 503-635-3456 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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