After reading a recipe it is a good idea to assemble all the necessary ingredients. By doing this you ensure that you haven’t forgotten something or that you won’t have to make a trip to the store for the missing item.

However, in your own kitchen, just finding the necessary ingredients can result in a long search. There needs to be a logical place for everything, and after use, the item is returned to its place. If there are alternate cooks, the problem is magnified.

Recently, a friend of mine said she had a cooking story to tell. She decided to bake her favorite cake and enter it in the Oregon State Fair competition. When she went to pick up her cake and hopefully a blue ribbon, it said “third place,” even though there were only two cakes entered in that category. Had the judge made a big mistake? She went home and tasted the cake and discovered that she had forgotten an important ingredient like sugar!

Deciding to have some more fun with it, she gave it to her next door neighbor. When she saw her again she asked, “How did you like the cake?”

“Well, we didn’t actually eat it; we gave it to our garbage man, but he didn’t want it either. He took away all the rest of the trash but he left the cake!” was the reply.

Helen Oredson Mahle is a member of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

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