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Give staying healthy and sharp a try

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - WLACC members can easily follow The Huffington Posts tips for retirees to stay healthy and sharp.

Last summer, an article posted in The Huffington Post titled “Seven Guaranteed Things Every Retiree Should Do to Remain Healthy and Sharp,” recounted seven antidotes for retirees who had lost their sense of purpose after leaving their jobs.

What The Huffington Post article failed to note is that all seven of these suggestions can be done at the West Linn Adult Community Center.

The first suggestion is, “Don’t stop working.” This doesn’t mean to plead for your old job back. What it does mean is that the problem solving we did naturally during our working lives may not be a part of our retired lives, and problem solving is healthy. The WLACC has many volunteer opportunities, often addressed in this space, which provide good problem-solving practice.

The second suggestion is, “Learn something new and go new places.” At the WLACC, we offer bi-monthly bus trips to a variety of local points of interest where learning something new is unavoidable.

The third suggestion is, “Slow down on the liquor.” Except for very special occasions, the WLACC doesn’t offer booze to its members or guests.

If you want to cut back on drinking, spend more sober time at the center.

The fourth suggestion is, “Be a good patient.” This means to go to the doctor regularly, even if you’re feeling good. The WLACC offers periodic presentations on preventative measures that you can discuss with your doctor.

The fifth suggestion is, “Eat healthy.” At the WLACC, we provide three healthy lunches prepared by The Stafford of Lake Oswego every week. Many of our regular lunch eaters use this meal as their main healthy meal of the day.

The sixth suggestion is, “Exercise.” You’ve undoubtedly heard this before. The WLACC offers daily workouts of nearly all levels of intensity.

The seventh suggestion is, “Look for the silver lining.” In other words, find things to be grateful for. These can be found aplenty at the WLACC. Whether it’s just playing cards with friends, sharing a meal, going on a bus trip, enjoying the art in our gallery, or knitting in front of our fireplace, the WLACC offers much for which to be grateful.

Come to the WLACC to remain healthy and sharp for the rest of your life.

Questions? Call Tiffany Carlson at 503-557-4704. We are located at 1180 Rosemont Road, West Linn, 97068.

The lunch menu this week features a glistening glazed ham on Friday, Oct. 21; crazy crunchy-top meatloaf on Monday, Oct. 24; and grilled turkey sandwiches with righteously roasted butternut squash soup on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Meal price is $5.

Doug Dickston is a volunteer at the West Linn Adult Community Center.