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Is your residence the right size for you?

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - An annual house cleaning is beneficial to remove unwanted or unneeded household items. You might find, after you remove the items, that your house is just the right size for you.

The dreaded task of cleaning out the house: It is something everyone should do once a year.

Every year, we accumulate more than we need. Items like well-intentioned gifts that we will honestly never use; the latest and greatest kitchen gadget or those surplus bottles of vinegar you bought, forgetting you already had a supply in the pantry. An annual clean out enables you to inventory what you have, what you will use and what needs to go.

Go through every drawer and cabinet, room, closet and storage area. Anything you have not used gets donated or trashed, depending on the condition of the item. You may even decide to donate the dining room table realizing you never entertain or eat at that table.

This is also a great time to throw in a safety check. Evaluate trip hazards, such as throw rugs, loose stair railings, potted plants, anything that could cause a fall.

Once you have rid yourself of all items you no longer need or use, you may realize you don’t need a large house. The house was perfect while you were raising your children, but now you waste money heating rooms that haven’t been used in years.

How do you know if it is time to make a change? The term is “rightsizing,” finding and living in a space that is the right size for your life. Lynn Brokaw, a certified senior advisor with Hasson Co. Realtors, will speak about rightsizing your residence from 1-2:30 p.m. Sept. 8 at the ACC. Cost is $5, which includes a light lunch served at 12:30 p.m. and all the supporting materials for the presentation.

As our lives change, so do our needs. Come join us, and see if rightsizing is a good fit for you.

The lunch menu this week features Southwest tilapia on Friday, Aug. 5; Moroccan chicken on Monday, Aug. 8; and Kahlua pork on Wednesday, Aug. 10. Cost is a suggested donation of $4 for those 60 and older and $5 for everyone else.

The LOACC is located at 505 G Ave., Lake Oswego. A list of activities and support groups can be found on our website, loacc.info, under the Calendar banner. Click on “View the Adult Community Center Calendar” and then the activity for more details. Call 503-635-3758 to register for classes, events, make lunch reservations or schedule a massage.

Maria Bigelow works in administrative support at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.