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Search continues for lost Christmas treasure

I lost it. This time I fear I really have “lost it.”

My dear friend gave me the most wonderful Christmas gift in a darling little black box. It was one of those precious antique tongs to use when serving yourself a sugar cube for your tea or coffee. I squeezed the small black box into my purse. It was only about 2 inches inch square and fit almost perfectly in the corner by my wallet. I was anxious to show the little gem to my husband when I returned home.

My friend and I enjoyed the day checking out items at the New To You used clothing store, buying a couple of treasures, sampling their freshly baked cookies, then feasting on some fantastic tortilla soup at Manzana’s before we went to Oakridge to play Christmas carols for a dear friend. It was a wonderful day — that is until I realized that the special gift was not to be found in my purse, or my car, or at any of the places we had been that day. How could I be so careless to lose the special gift?

Calls to businesses we had visited produced no word of my gift being found and placed in a special place for me to pick up later. Not a good way to start out the New Year! This morning at 6 a.m. I am still fretting about my carelessness.

I envision myself returning to Manzana’s and crawling under the table where my friend and I enjoyed lunch. Of course I will take a flashlight so I can peer back into the dark corners under the table. Perhaps, just perhaps when a custodian was vacuuming after hours, the small black box was pushed into the farthest dark corner and never noticed.

How could this old lady climb under the table and do a search during business hours and go unnoticed? Would some waitress carrying beverages or lunch entrees walk by just as I backed out from under the table causing a monumental collision and crash of drinks and delicacies? Or would I after retrieving my lost item back into some patrons being shown to their seats at a nearby booth?

Perhaps I can find a young child to do the search for me, or maybe I will just keep calling and asking if my special, little black box has been discovered and returned to the management by some kind patron.

At any rate, I will keep searching and dreaming that my gift will be found and returned to me.

Lee Anderson is a member of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.



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