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Heartfelt thanks expressed as year ends

Dear readers,

I feel like I’m about to deliver an Academy Award acceptance speech. You know the one: “I want to thank The Academy, the director, producers, etc.”

While I am not up for an award — Academy or otherwise — 2015 has been a very rewarding year for me, so I would like to thank some of you who made it so.

To Gary Stein, Lake Oswego Review editor: Thank you for providing space every month for Jottings and for “From our Vault.” Thank you. And thank you for allowing me to creatively format “From Our Vault” and for bringing my ideas to fruition in print when you can.

To my brother, Stuart, who is always on call to help me with home repairs (especially my sprinkler system over the years when I’ve punctured my lines digging holes for new plants). You’ve also installed several garbage disposals and a new heater for the hot tub, and fixed the furnace. You truly are a jack-of-all trades. I love you.

To Katie Henry, Oswego Heritage Council executive director: You are always willing to explore new horizons. Thank you.

To Andrew Edwards, executive director of the Lakewood Center for the Arts: I want to be able to tell Lakewood’s story and history as well as you do. It will probably take me 30 years to get it as completely as you do, but thank you for inspiring me to keep working at.

And to the Lakewood Center staff: Thank you for your continuous energy when volunteers need assistance. Kay Vega and Steve Knox, thank you for giving up personal time to help me with last year’s historic home tour, and for always being available to talk and explore ideas. Kay, I will miss you. Kay is set to retire in the 2015-16 theater season.

To Dr. Bill Korach, who is co-chairing the 2016 Festival of the Arts: You handed out a document at a finance committee meeting titled “Festival of the Arts Perspectives Proposal.” I was inspired to think, talk and write about the arts differently. Thank you for the challenge.

To Carter Hubbard, coordinator of Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts: Our time working together has been short, but you’ve been an invaluable resource computer-wise and festival-wise.

Susie Pitts, fellow “Jottings” writer: Your editing help and emotional support while I was struggling with professional issues with a submission were invaluable. Thank you for being available to listen to me sort things out.

To Andrew Lintz, Palisades Market catering manager: Your “No problem” response to my requests for specific recipes from Lakewood’s “Rave Reviews Cookbook” for a Lakewood Center Associates luncheon was greatly appreciated. The cookbook, originally published and sold as a fundraiser for Re-Runs, is out of print, but it has some wonderful recipes in it. Cornbread pudding is not a Rave Review recipe, but one of Palisades catering’s best!

Thank you, JoAnn Parsons, for your always sunny disposition and for continuing to keep the Jottings group organized.

Thanks, too, to all the Jottings writers who listen non-judgmentally when we read our articles.

And a special shout out to Phyl Kerns, who is legally blind but still hunts and pecks on the keyboard to write something that makes us howl with laughter.

Thank you, Barb Randall for your never-seeming-stressed attitude. As the Community editor for the Review and Tidings, one of her many jobs is to edit the weekly Jottings columns.

To Alisha Yokoyama, librarian at the Lake Oswego Public Library: Ever since I developed an interest in Lake Oswego history and in writing, I have yearned to be the next Theresa Truchot, who was a historian of Lake Oswego born in 1891. I will never be Theresa Truchot, but thanks for thinking of me that way.

To Bill Warner and Richard Santee: I am delighted that you read “From Our Vault.” This has been a very rewarding writing experience for me. Thank you for being two of my most faithful readers.

To Kristy Higgins, owner of Step It Up Studios: Thank you for keeping me on as a student even when I threw a tantrum and refused to waltz to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

To Drew Dyson, my Step It Up dance instructor: You have a way of not overwhelming us older lady dance students with too much to remember. Thank you for keeping my lessons simple.

To my close personal friends, your friendship and support mean a lot. Thank you.

To the friends I’ve made via my book group, Lakewood Center, Oswego Heritage Council, Lake Oswego Adult Community Center, and to all of you I haven’t yet met, thank you for reading Jottings from Fifth and G.

May 2016 be as rewarding a year for you as 2015 was for me.

Nancy Dunis is a member of Jottings group of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.