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Author spurs moms to discover divinity in daily to-do list

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Jessica Poe of Canby has released her first book, Everyday MOMents: Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood.

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Though mothers are often revered as angelic, many modern moms feel heavy-hearted instead of heavenly. Never-ending to-do lists make multi-tasking mothers lose sight of a moment’s significance. Canby author Jessica Poe says the desired enlightenment and inspiration can be found within those very to-do list tasks. That’s why she wrote “Everyday MOMents: Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood.”

“Divinity is in the details of our daily doings, whether we recognize it or not,” Poe said. “One day my kids giggled as they dipped hard-earned lollipops into a thankless glass of water. They were obviously giving away their precious licks! Heavenly lessons and love notes exist within our everyday routines — and we don’t want to obviously give those away, we want to cherish the sweet moments of motherhood.”

Poe says each chapter of “Everyday MOMents” brings “a new hour and a new lesson about unearthing spiritual symbolism in ordinary moments. From gazing in the mirror, folding laundry, and the ever-looming ‘what’s for dinner?’ to teach obedience, grocery store encounters and convincing children to stay in bed at night, readers not only learn that God is in the daily details, they learn to see those details with spiritual eyes.”

Poe describes herself as a “mother of three by day and a writer by naptime.” Although this is her first novel, she has been a freelance writer for the past decade.

“Everyday MOMents” was released March 8 and available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and Deseret Books. Poe is available for interviews and appearances. She can be reached at 503-266-2899 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..