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New 2-1-1 hotline in operation for pesticide incidents

Oregonians involved in pesticide incidents impacting people, animals, or the environment can now report those incidents to a telephone hotline seven days a week, 24 hours a day. By calling 2-1-1, concerned or affected individuals will receive immediate information and referral service regarding a pesticide incident, no matter what time or day.

The free referral and information helpline was funded by the 2015 Oregon Legislature as part of House Bill 3549, relating to pesticides. The Oregon Department of Agriculture provided training to Oregon-based 2-1-1 staff on what to do upon receiving pesticide related calls from the public.

The three-digit telephone number generally provides information and referrals to health, human and social service organizations. Persons in Oregon calling 2-1-1 are immediately offered a menu of choices which includes options for reporting pesticide incidents or asking for pesticide information. At that point, they are connected to a person. Callers asking for information are referred to appropriate agencies and organizations. Callers involved in pesticide incidents will be asked to provide basic information. Within one hour of completion of the call, all information recorded by 2-1-1 will be forwarded to the Pesticide Analytical and Response Center (PARC) for further referral and response within one business day.

Information about PARC can be found at www.oregon.gov/ODA/programs/Pesticides/Pages/PARC.aspx.

In the event of a medical emergency related to pesticide exposure, people need to call the Oregon Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 or 9-1-1 directly.