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World premiere in two episode to open at LTC

n 'Bullshot Crummond' is an action-packed B-movie adventure

SUBMITTED PHOTOS: TRIUMPH STUDIOS - From left, Andrew Harris as Algy, a friend of Bullshot Crummond, Kelly Stewart as heroine Rosemary and Spencer Conway as the hero Bullshot Crummond in Bullshot Crummond: The Evil Eye of Jabar and the Invisible Bride of Death by Ron House.

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“Bullshot Crummond: The Evil Eye of Jabar and the Invisible Bride of Death,” a “world-premiere comedy” in two episodes, will be presented by Lakewood Theatre Company March 4-April 10. The production is based on “Bullshot Crummond” by Diz White, Ron House, Alan Shearman, John Neville-Andrews and Derek Cunningham. This B-movie adventure centers on British hero Bullshot Crummond, who wields his butter-knife sharp wit against arch enemy Otto Von Bruno, the Second Most Dangerous Man in the World. The action features high-speed planes, trains and automobiles, plus a rocket car, tramp steamer and flying carpet thrown.

The story follows the first iteration of “Bullshot Crummond,” dating back four decades. Alan Shearman will handle stage direction for Lakewood’s premier production, with performances continuing through April 10. Shows are at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, 7 p.m. Sundays, with some 2 p.m. Sunday matinees.

There also will be two Wednesday performances at 7:30 p.m., March 23 and April 6. A WOW: 25-35 performance is scheduled for March 23. WOW events are for people 35 and younger; tickets are $25 each. One hour before the performance World Class Wines will host a complimentary wine tasting.

The story: On the eve of Crummond’s wedding to Rosemary Fenton, he discovers Dr. “Cuckoo” Croxley, a leading expert in the field of invisibility, has escaped from the same lunatic asylum that Crummond put him in a year earlier. Fearing revenge against him will include harm to Fenton, Crummond races to her side and attempts to nab the invisible fugitive. Somehow, Crummond determines Von Bruno is behind some grand plot to employ the doctor’s invisibility to swipe Queen Nefertiti’s ancient crown and wield its mystical powers to take over the world.

The chase encompasses a-London-to-Paris-bound express train wreck, a race between a plane and a tramp steamer, and another duel of speed between a rocket car and a flying carpet. The action crescendos at the invisible, mythical city of Jabar, somewhere in the Sahara.

The show stars Spencer Conway as Crummond, Stephanie Heuston as villainess Lenya Von Bruno, Kelly Stewart as Rosemary and Rick Warren as Von Bruno. The remaining dozen characters are shared in two performances. Andrew Harris plays several characters, including an upper-class English twit, one-eyed rug dealer and a space cadet of a professor. Burl Ross’ roles include: a frumpy aunt, an ancient Egyptian slave commander and a mad inventor lost in his own world of invisibility.

Tickets are $32 for general admission and $30 for seniors. For additional information and tickets, call Lakewood Theater box office at 503-635-3901 or order online at lakewood-center.org.

The villians, from left, Stephanie Heuston as vamp villainess Lenya Von Bruno and Rick Miller as Otto Von Bruno.