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Community Arts hosting artists reception

Preschoolers learn big lessons about art

SUBMITTED PHOTOS  - Community Arts Preschool student Jack Beatty paints sunflowers at an easel.

The children at Community Arts Preschool have a new perspective about the art hanging down the hall from their classrooms. The preschool is housed at Lakewood Center for the Arts, and Marilyn Katcher and Carol Patton, volunteers with the Lake Oswego School District’s Art Literacy Program, have been using the art hanging in Lakewood’s foyer gallery for monthly art lessons with the 4- and 5-year-olds.

The women have introduced basic concepts and the vocabulary of art to the students. The children study the painting and then answer questions based on art elements and principles.

“In class they group themselves in warm or cool colors, based on what colors they’re wearing or making a ribbon color wheel or study lines, circles and other shapes they recognize,” Community Arts teacher Bernadette Foster said. “It is a good place to just talk about what they like or don’t like in art. Art is a new way to express themselves, a way to tell people what is important to us. Art is our legacy, and it has the power to move us.”

Foster said even terms that may be hard for the children to grasp are mentioned, with the hope that they will be “tucked away,” ready to be accessed during future art literacy lessons.

“We also anticipate that the program will create an expectation among the parents for art education in public school and perhaps get them thinking about their role as art literacy volunteers,” Foster said.

The public is invited to an artist reception and exhibit of the children’s artwork to be held from noon-1 p.m. on Friday, April 15. The art will hang in Lakewood Center’s hallways until April 22. The Lakewood Center is located at 368 S. State St. in Lake Oswego.

Nicholas Davis works diligently on his version of The Kiss by Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt.