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by: CAROL WESTERGREEN - Out in the Garden Nursery in Molalla lit up by banks of lights for a Grimm TV show night location shootTelevision crews swarmed into Molalla last week, turning Carol Westergreen’s home into a scene right out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, in a police procedural fantasy sort of way.

At night, it was pretty spooky — downright Grimm.

Westergreen, whose home is located at her Mathias Road business, Out in the Garden Nursery, said that about three weeks ago, a location scout for the “Grimm” television series, pulled into her drive and asked if he could take photos of her house.

And of course, she said yes.

The location scout showed photos to the producers and they liked the look of her place, so they came out and looked at the house and decided they wanted to use it in their upcoming shoot location.

“And then the department heads came out — about 25 or 30 people —they made decisions on what they needed to do, and then they came back this week and did the shoot.”

The scenes filmed were for Episode 317, and that week’s show will be called “Syncronicity.”

The crews basically took over Westergreen’s house, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

“I had to move all my personal stuff out,” she said. “They cleared out my furniture and used their own furniture for the scenes. Then they even decorated the front of house.”

by: CAROL WESTERGREEN - Actors start a Grimm television scene during one of many location shoots in Carol Westergreen's Molalla home.The crews shot both inside and outside scenes over a three-day period, using the Buckeroo grounds as their base, but hauling in tons of equipment onto Westergreen’s grounds for the shoot.

“It was chaotic,” she said. “I never had so much fun with so many people in my house. The night of the shoot there must have been 80 people on the property.”

The crews brought in two big lifts with light banks they said were 18,000 watts each. Each lift had two sets of lights.

“It was amazing,” she said. “It was like daylight.”

Westerbrook was on the set to watch the filming up close.

“I stood in my laundry room and watched everything I could,” she said. “They have a little mobile camera on a track, so they moved that from room to room with sound boards and video screens set up.”

For a scene in her kitchen, the directors had Westergreen’s refrigerator unplugged. “they turned it off and forgot to tell me, so the next day I was moving stuff out into another refrigerator until they told me I just needed to plug it back in,” she said. “It’s been really hectic. They spent all day Monday preparing the night scene, so they had huge light banks and used their own generators.”

Westergreen said the crews were shooting scenes Monday and Tuesday of last week, and then cleaned up everything and were pulled out on Wednesday.

“Now you can’t even tell they were here,” she said Thursday. “They even cleaned my house —they shampooed carpets, and moved my furniture back in, and cleaned up on the grounds. If you hadn’t watched the whole thing happen, you wouldn’t know they’d ever been here.”

Westergreen got a lot of fun out of the experience, but the Grimm producers also paid for the use of her place.

by: CAROL WESTERGREEN - Banks of lights lit up trees at Westergreen's  Molalla nursery during night location shots.“They paid and they take care of everybody,” she said. “They are a good bunch of people. Everyone was incredibly nice and gracious. When the producers came and the director arrived, he said, ‘We will be descending on you.’ And I learned that they did descend, but everyone was helpful and super nice.

“It was great fun — I was here, just watching everything,” she said. “I tried not to be the nosy homeowner. You have no idea how much work it is to put these shows together until you watch them in action. This was only two or three scenes, and they took three days to film them. The crew got here at 5 p.m. and they filmed all night, until morning. And then filmed all day in Canby. It was really a great experience. And they liked my dog.”

The Grimm crew also filmed scenes last week at theYoder air strip and the Canby Disk Park on Territorial Road.

She said they haven’t confirmed with her when they will air the episode, but it should be in April.

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