Incumbent Republican Vic Gilliam faces opponent David Darnell in the race for state representative, 18th District

by: SUBMITTED - Vic GilliamVic Gilliam

Vic Gilliam is in his eighth year serving as Republican state representative for House District 18, including Molalla, Aurora, Butteville, Donald, Hubbard, Mt Angel, Monitor, Silverton, Scotts Mills and all points in between.

“I was lucky to be exposed to politics at a young age and then went on to a career as a nonprofit fundraiser, and I was surprised and challenged after being appointed to serve the term of the late Max Sumner,” Gilliam said. “While I am not a career politician, I have been honored to serve the district, and I feel I am in a place to continue to work for a better Oregon, which means jobs that are created in the private sector and limiting government intrusion to the private sector.”

Over the years representing District 18, Gilliam said he has felt closer and more connected to his district.

“It’s the things we do for individuals, regardless of their party connection and regardless of their difficulties with the state government,” he said. “I’m very proud we represent them to the government agencies.

Regarding accusations from his opponent that he votes with Democrats on some issues, Gilliam said he has voted thousands of times over the past eight years for his district.

“I’m not naïve,” he said, regarding attacks from his opponent. “I know how easy it is to twist the truth and misrepresent someone’s record. I’ve always been prepared for that, and that is exactly what has been happening in this campaign.”

He said a good example of that is his opponent’s repeated charge: “What part of illegal does Vic Gilliam not understand?”

“I always answer that with a question of my own: ‘What part of jobs and the economy of our district doesn’t my opponent understand?’

“Another example of twisting the truth is my opponent’s repeated charge that I voted for ‘Obamacare’,” he said. “Again, Darnell confuses Salem, Oregon with Washington, D.C. I oppose Obamacare, but I have never voted on this Federal mandate. The Federal mandate comes. Obamacare is here. In the state Legislature, we have to implement it along with the 49 other states. The question is how do we implement it.? On the question of the mandated exchanges, do you put in Obamacare implementing its more locally controlled exchange, or do you simply yes to the Federal Obamacare exchange? My opponent is so mixed up on this that he — in error — appears to be supporting Obamacare. He needs to get this thinking straightened out.”

Gilliam said he pledges to continue to advocate for his constituents concerning their challenges and difficulties with state government agencies. “ I will continue to serve as co-chair of the elder abuse prevention task force for tougher penalties against those who injure our most vulnerable citizens,” he said. “And I will continue to be a thinking republican in the state house.”

Gilliam said accusations that he has not stayed connected with the Molalla community are not true.

“I have stayed connected to the Molalla community,” he said. “Whether walking in the parade, going to many city council meetings, going door to door — I’ve walked Molalla by myself on summer days until the town is completely covered — I’ve been a pooper scooper in the junior buck parade and I always enjoyed the Buckeroo,” he said. “And I’ve very much enjoyed working with the people at Pheasant Pointe Assisted Living on the ‘HUGS bill. As a result, they came to the capitol, and I came to Molalla to go to breakfast with them at their place.”

Gilliam said he has spoken in government classes at both Colton and Molalla high schools, developed “a great relationship” with Molalla Mayor Deb Rogge, has friends at Rosse Posse and received support from Willamette Egg Farms near Molalla.

“I know there are a bunch of cantankerous precinct committee persons there who claim I’m never in Molalla,” he said. “And It’s their right to do whatever they want to do, but they need to tell the truth. I am connected to Molalla. I do my best to get around to all the communities in my district.”

by: SUBMITTED - David DarnellDavid Darnell

David Darnell is a conservative Republican candidate for Oregon's House District 18, including Molalla, Aurora, Butteville, Donald, Hubbard, Mt Angel, Monitor, Silverton, Scotts Mills and all points in between.

"I'm not a career politician and I don't want to be,” Darnell said. “What I do want to do is to serve the citizens of House District 18 as a conservative who doesn't vote with the Democrats on major issues, but stands firm for the Republican values of limited government and respect for the Constitution."

Darnell said he is running against the incumbent because he feels the incumbent “has lost touch with Republicans in the district” with some “big government votes,” such as:

- Voting with the Democrats to pass a new law (SB 833) giving special Oregon driver licenses to illegal aliens.

- Voting with Democrats on Oregonian’s right to overturn politicians bad votes

- Voting three times with the Democrats for Oregon's ObamaCare.

- Voting with Democrats for a pathway for early release of sexual criminals who prey on children.

- Giving local education control to the Federal government, known as Common Core

- Putting the government into the hotel business competing against private enterprise

- Removing Jason Lee's statue from the US Capitol building

"I pledge to you that I will not vote for big government or join PERS, but I will vote for limited, smaller government, protecting our Constitutional rights of private property, free speech and the 2nd amendment,” he said. “I will vote to lower taxes and regulations that cost our jobs and prosperity. I will vote to end taxpayer funded abortions in Oregon. I will vote to give you greater health care choices and lower costs by embracing proven, free market solutions instead of government run healthcare.

"It's time for House District 18 to have a conservative Republican standing firm for us in Salem,” Darnell said.

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