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Sept. 25, 2013

Seniors lead full lives in Molalla

To the editor:

I look around at our citizens on the streets, in the stores, on the buses, in businesses and, yes, in schools. Seniors are everywhere in Molalla.

They are a very active part of all of our communities.

Because of the active lifestyle of the more mature people today, they are able to work longer, keep their active farms and homes and help with the younger generation more than ever before. With senior centers in every town, seniors are able to participate with other their own age, for assorted activities. Luncheons, card parties, fairs, casino tours, zoo trips, long distance trips, or even to the local produce market all are part of the senior lives today. Bus trips to shopping centers, restaurants, plays, whatever they want to do, they can do it without having to ask a family member or relative to take them. They don’t have to feel they are imposing, they just sign up and say I want to go to that or I want to do that.

Even with assisted living places; tours, trips and activities are planned. Hair salons, foot clinics and medical trips etc., are all taken into consideration.

Churches help the seniors with activities, trips, household problems, medical supplies and assistance they might need. The senior citizen of today need not stay at home and wait for whomever or whatever should come next. They can enjoy others company whenever they feel like it.

Our Molalla Adult Community Center provides a great part in many seniors lives, as I am sure many other centers are doing in other towns. The smiles on the faces of the people let you know the happiness and comfort they have in visiting and sharing with other people their own age.

The businesses in our town see the active seniors in their stores, shops and restaurants etc. The Molalla senior community is thriving here with the effort of many people participating to make our town and our senior center a great success.

The local churches, Cecily Rose, manager of the Molalla senior center, and others are doing such an excellent job; it spreads all over the community.

Churches sign up for serving meals at the center and people are donating money and time for repairs (windows have now been replaced) at the center. The volunteerism is spreading, the health and happiness abounds, and caring and sharing is alive and well in Molalla and at the Molalla Adult Community Center. Watch for special upcoming events.

Patricia Torsen


Thanks to the heroes who helped put out a fire

To the editor:

We would like to personally thank the two men who helped our brother put out the fire in his motorhome on Saturday, Aug. 31. Please feel free to stop in and see us anytime so we can express our appreciation to you in person. Of course, we also would like to thank the Molalla Fire Department for thoroughly extinguishing the fire. Thanks to all of you who helped.

Kent and Cheryl Huntington