July 16

Let’s stand up for the flag and show our respect

To the editor:

As some of our VFW and Ladies Auxiliary members watched the passing of the color guard with the flag as it passed by everyone during the 4th of July Parade route in Molalla they noticed a lack of respect by many in the community by not rising and saluting the flag as it passed by. The flag is our symbol of freedom and what better day to show our pride than the 4th of July as we should every day when the occasion arises.

Just as you stand for the passing of the flag, you stand and salute when the National Anthem is played or sung and military and sport events. It is a good time to watch just how many people do salute. I am amazed how many don’t. So if you were never taught or you forgot, let’s try to remember, remove your hat and pledge the flag. Veterans salute with their hand to their heads, non-veterans, women and children place their right hand over their heart.

Teach the rising youth that there is protocol to be followed in embracing the flag, the flag of our freedom and heritage. Schools and teachers remind your classes that this a sign of respect for our freedom and those who fought for it. Remember it every day as we remember it on Memorial Day, with reverence and pride.

What makes it even sadder is watching the news where our own government members do not salute. It is a sad, sad day when we forget to honor the symbol of our freedom.

Sally Jagodnik


Save a life through CPR

To the editor:

I was excited to learn that the American Heart Association issued new guidelines for CPR, but unfortunately too few people know about them. It is now easier than ever to save a life through the Hands-Only CPR two-step process. Step 1: Call 9-1-1. Step 2: Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives. You can even sing along to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees—100 beats per minute! Of the 383,000 people that suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year, the vast majority do not receive bystander CPR and less than 11% survive.

Mayor Charlie Hales recently issued an official proclamation declaring June 1st to June 7th as CPR Week in Portland. This was a great step towards educating Oregonians, and I encourage people to participate in this effort by watching the Hands-Only CPR video at

We never know when someone may be in a life threatening situation, but we can all be prepared. I have experienced recent loss in my family due to lack of education and motivation to seek preventative methods, and I know firsthand why education is the key! I urge state legislators to make Hands-Only CPR a requirement in Oregon high schools so we can bring 45,000 new lifesavers into our communities each year!

Amanda Lindsay

Oregon City

Pool is open expanded hours

To the editor

Friends of Molalla Pool would like to remind Pioneer readers that, with the addition of eight new lifeguards (!), Molalla Aquatic Center expanded its hours effective July 7. Lanes will now be open Monday through Saturday for lap swimmers, and recreational swim times are now available Monday through Saturday as well. A new round of Learn to Swim classes will begin in mid-July, with another round slated for August. For more specifics about the new schedule, or information about water exercise classes, Mommy and Me hours, private lessons, Barracuda swim team, party rentals, etc., please call (503)759-SWIM, visit or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our group would also like to thank Molallans for the warm reception to the Molalla Aquatic Center/Grow Healthy Kids and Communities float in the Giant Street Parade on July 4. We have an exceptional, growing group of volunteers who have banded together to keep the Molalla Aquatic Center afloat despite very real budget constraints on the part of the City. Feel free to join us, follow along on Facebook at Friends of Molalla Pool, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can do this!

Lucy Allison-Pursley

Chairwoman, Friends of the Molalla Pool


Reader didn’t understand the Freedom 5K would take place just before the parade started

To the editor:

I applaud those who participated in the 5K run that was held prior to the parade! Not something I have any desire to do!

However, when I, and most of those who attended the parade, read the schedule, I did not understand that the 5K run was happening on the same route and that it was before the parade.

Forcing people to sit in the hot sun for two hours longer than expected was just wrong and not well thought out.

The run should have either been held much earlier, on a different day, or on a completely different route. Please rethink this next year.

Rodney Kraft


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