By now, many Mulino citizens have received a post card informing them of the recall action to take place at the Oct. 17 Mulino Hamlet meeting. A vote will be held to recall Chairman Mike Wagner, a member of the Mulino Hamlet Board of Directors since its formation in 2007.

A dispute in the Mulino Hamlet organization developed after Wagner drew up a proposal to create a four-way signal on Mulino Road at the intersection with Passmore Road, where the Mulino Elementary School is located, and to shut down Passmore Road beyond the school.

In a rebuttal response to citizens some time back, Wagner said, "The sole and only sustentative cause for the recall is that I voted ‘no’ on the motion to strike from the community plan and cease pursuing the project of creating a four-way signaled intersection at Mulino Road and Highway 213 and closing Passmore Road. This is the first time I have disagreed with the petitioners. The petitioners are wrong about the problem and have offered no better solutions."

In response to that claim, the chief petitioners claim the citizens of the Mulino Hamlet need a chairman who will represent the citizens, regardless of whether the chairman agrees with what they would like to have happen in the community. Citizens argue that they have offered several solutions, the main one being to give the school district time to finish their mid- and long-range goal setting to determine what the district plans for the Mulino Elementary School will be. The purpose of forming the hamlet was to preserve Mulino’s rural lifestyle, and a four-way intersection with a traffic light is not considered by many to be rural in nature.

The upcoming recall vote is a representation of a diverse philosophical difference between the two parties. Clackamas County representatives will be at the meeting to conduct the vote and ensure that it is done in a proper and respectful manner.

Mulino citizens who would like to offer an opinion are invited to attend and speak before the vote is taken. Once the vote is in, the county will immediately count the ballots and announce the results. If the recall is successful, then Warner will be replaced by one of the remaining members of the Mulino Hamlet Board of Directors.

Anyone interested in serving on the board is invited to contact Laurel Roses at 503-829-5370 to have the information passed on to the appropriate county employee.

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