Fire safety

Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 6-12) helped the kids of Colton Elementary School learn more about fire safety. On Thursday, Woodburn firefighter and EMT Miranda Carroll and Colton volunteer firefighter Chris West visited the kindergarten CINDY FAMA - Kindergarteners get a lesson in fire safety from Woodburn and Colton firefighters.

Throughout her presentation on fire safety, Carroll animatedly talked about the importance of family escape plans and leaving a structure that is on fire. She also took the kids through the three steps of stop, drop and roll.

Carroll then invited West to don his firefighter gear and crawl through the group of students seated on the floor while talking to them through his air mask.

West noted the importance of such an activity. “It makes them less afraid of us if we have to go into a fire looking for them,” he said. “We don’t want them scared of us and hiding. We want them to know we are there to help.”

The kindergartners had several questions.

“What do you do if your car catches on fire?” one student asked.

“Get out and get as far away as you can—go fast,” West said.

One five year old wanted to know how the firefighters could earn “patches”—which brought a few smiles from the adults—but was handled with finesse by West, who explained that when he finished firefighter academy and training he got the big blue patch on his sleeve.

During the presentation, Carroll was called out to the playground to assess a possible injury. West continued on, iterating the need to get out of the building if the smoke detector goes off or if the kids smelled smoke or saw flames.

“Don’t stop for anything, just get out. Can we go to the store and get more stuff?” he asked.

“Yes,” the kids chimed.

“Can we get another you?” he asked.

“No,” they said with shaking heads.

“So what do we do if there is a fire?”

“We get out!” they answered.

Students of the month

Colton High School has announced their September students of the month: Katie Moore, career technical education; Garret Kittinger, medical opportunities; Ashlee Waddell and Cheyenne McCoy, government; Kayla Anderson, chemistry; Kyle Martinez, English II and ancient literature; Rhedyn Stanczyk, strength and conditioning; John Bodle-Lonergan, Art II; Katie Moore, U.S. history; Justin Parks-Algebra II; Gavin Alexander, teacher assistant; Chelsea Schwartz and Elizabeth Warren, band; Macey Beseau, culinary I; Elizabeth Warren, AP biology; Tara Clemens, biology teacher assistant; Daniel Stoddard, precalculus and AP statistics; Kayla Anderson, Spanish IV; Sophie Schmidt, hard working and friendly.


Thursday, Oct. 12, Colton Elementary School classes took turns shooting hoops as a fundraiser. The money earned will help the school purchase technology updates for the classrooms and die-cut machine updates and replacements.

Fifth grader Isaiah Russell sunk 18 balls in one minute. “We’re playing basketball to earn money for our school,” he said. “It is important and fun.”

Students will be collecting their pledge money during the upcoming week, and the winners will be announced at the school assembly on Thursday, Oct. 24.

Local church changing time

Starting Oct. 20, Colton Lutheran Church is changing the time of their Sunday morning worship service from 11 to 9 a.m.

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