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Unapproved but not disapproved

A well-intentioned community member purchased and placed a very nice new green and gold identifying sign at the end of the middle school drive. The logo proclaims “Colton Middle School Vikings.” It was put up without approval of the school district. Although no one has anything but compliments for the sign, the fact that it was placed over and obscured an existing sign, an Eagle Scout project that had been approved by the district, has caused some controversy.by: CINDY FAMA - Colton Middle School's new sign, which was put in place without the School Board's approval.

School superintendent Linda Johnson released this statement via email:

“I believe there was a breakdown in communication and what and how processes need to be followed in Colton School District. The community member was trying to do something nice for the school district and had talked with our maintenance supervisor. That is really where the communication ended. So we have, as I said, clarified our processes and who needs to be a part of the process in making the decisions. Items would go to the maintenance supervisor first, then to either the principal or superintendent or School Board if needed.”

The new sign will stay in place and the original sign will be removed, restored and relocated.

In my mind some people didn't realize how important Eagle Scout projects are to Colton School District and the community. I have talked with [the family of the Eagle Scout]. They are pleased that we want to keep the sign, and we are planning on moving it up to the space near the entryway to Colton Middle School. We also have permission to paint it Green and Gold. We will put up new posts for the sign that is now there. Both projects should be completed soon.”

According to Johnson the job will be done by district maintenance personnel but the cost to the district will be “minimal”.

Crockpot dinner and bingo

Colton Foothills Grange, 20237 S. Highway 211, is serving up a Crockpot Dinner and Bingo Night on Saturday, Nov. 23.

The dinner will feature a choice of chili, chowder or stew along with salad, bread, assorted beverages and cupcakes and will be served from 5:30-7 p.m.

Bingo will be from 7-9 p.m. Prizes will include “fixings” for a turkey dinner. There will be prizes available for children.

Cost is $5 for the meal, which includes two bingo cards. More cards will be offered for $1 each.

Arriving at the sun of Thanksgiving day

Newly discovered comet ISON will make its closest approach to the Sun on Nov. 28. If the comet survives its encounter with the Sun, it could be one of the brightest comets in recent memory. Some astronomers estimate that it could even be bright enough to be seen during daylight hours.

In August and September, the comet was visible in the morning sky in dark locations with a telescope. In October it began to get brighter and brighter, and it should continue to do so until Nov. 28. If the comet survives, it will be visible in the early morning sky and could be as bright as the full moon. Some astronomers are calling it the comet of the century.

This information is provided by John Webb who hosts Sasquatch Station, the only reporting personal weather station in Colton. The site updates every ten minutes and the WeatherCam updates every minute. You can follow the local weather site at http://www.colton.com/~jcwebb/.

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