Singing Christmas Tree a Mulino family affair

For one Mulino family the Molalla High School Singing Christmas Tree has become a family affair. Andy and Sydney Castleton-Rudolf sing in the Community Choir, while their oldest daughter, Grace, has been part of the Alumni Choir since her graduation several years LAUREL ROSES - The Castleton-Rudolf family.

Their son, Ammon, is in the concert choir and plays the piano for many of the pieces. Last year and this year, Ammon was the pianist for the finale singing of the Hallelujah Chorus. Next is their daughter Sarah, who sang in the Middle School choir last year. She unfortunately was the only member of the family who was not able to sing this year because she transferred to the Charter School in Maple Grove, but she hopes to be back next year when she enters High School.

The next two members of the Castleton-Rudolf family, Brynn and Shannon, sang in the Middle School Choir and the Children's Choir, joining their youngest brother, Daniel, to complete the family’s total involvement in the Singing Christmas Tree tradition.

County needs citizen volunteers

Clackamas County runs the county with a lot of help from citizen volunteers, who sit on advisory boards and commissions. The information they gather helps the Board of County Commissioners make decisions for the County. There are several boards being formed right now that would benefit from some citizens who live in the rural areas of the County, such as Mulino.

There have been several Mulino citizens who have volunteered their time over the years, and it has benefited the community greatly. The Boards being formed at this time are: Library District Budget Committee; Historic Review Board; Housing Advisory Council; Mental Health and Addictions Council; Committee for Citizen Involvement and Compensation Board for Elected Officials. If any of these interest you can call Pam Girtman at 503-742-4353 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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