Mulino Hangar Cafe says good-bye

by: LAUREL ROSES - The Mulino Hanger.In just one week the Mulino Hangar Cafe would have celebrated its fifth year in business under the ownership of Ed and Stephanie Huff. The sad reality is that that mile post will not be reached. On Wednesday, Feb. 26, the Mulino Cafe will go up for auction at the Clackamas County Court House.

When the Huff's bought the cafe five years ago they were full of hopes and dreams and wonderful ideas to provide Mulino with the best in family fun dining and atmosphere. They opted to continue the airplane theme from the previous owners and added some very special touches to the interior that really livened things up and made the restaurant an enjoyable gathering place for friends and families.

Unfortunately, the timing of their purchase and desire to make a go of starting their own business came at the same time as a severe burst in the economic bubble in the United States. Clackamas County was hit pretty hard in several industries, and families found themselves tightening their belts and cutting back on such luxuries as eating out.

Ed and Stephanie kept a positive attitude though, and the community continued to support them as best as they could, and then they took another hit, this time due to construction.

The bridge over Milk Creek was in need of replacement, according to Oregon Department of Transportation safety inspections. The bridge project was coupled with a traffic flow improvement project ear marked for the center of Mulino on Highway 213, from the beginning of the Mulino School property to the historic mill barn.

This put the brunt of the construction right in front of the Mulino Cafe for several years. As with most small businesses, all the usual problems associated with running a business were also in play. Things like employee consistency and ethics, taxes, rising food costs, etc, all took their toll on the Huff's and they finally had to make the decision to sell the property and move on to the next stage of their lives.

"We have loved the wonderful people we have met over the years and appreciate those who have tried to support us,” Stephanie Huff said. “We will continue to be involved in the Mulino community when and where we can and hope to stay in touch with the many friends we have made.”

For those who went there for dinner on Friday, it was their last chance to do so.

Thank you, Ed and Stephanie Huff, for the memories, and good luck in your future pursuits.

The future of the property is unknown at this time.

Chicks are in

You know it is spring when the pastures surrounding the Union Mills Feed Store are dotted with frisky newborn lambs. Another sure sign is when the reader board at the feed store states "Chicks Are In."

For you teenage boy's out there, keep your cowboy hats on because this isn't a sure sign that there will be a good selection of dates to the prom. What it means is that for those of you who like raising your own chicks, of the poultry kind, the time is now to make your choices.

The Union Mills Feed Store has one of the best websites out there for helping the beginner and expert alike to know the in's and out's of raising chickens. If you go to you will find a tab at the top of the home page that takes you to their "Cockadoodle News" site. There you will find a glossary of Commonly Used Chicken Words, Helpful Hints, Picking The Breed For You, Chick Care, and a whole host of other topics to help you get started.

Do you want a chicken that lays blue or green eggs? They will tell you the breed of layer to get for that. Do you want to raise your own meat in a short amount of time and not be tied down to the chicken coop all summer long? They can definitely point you in the right direction for that as well. They have very detailed information on 13 different breeds and what they are best used for. This may be the year that some of you more apprehensive country folks give the raising of chickens a try. The time is now, and the help and support you need is just a click or short drive away.

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