Family Fun Night

A few days before the Mulino Parent Group (MPG) held their Family Fun Night they sent out an email with a desperate plea for more donations for the prizes to be given to the winners of the bingo games. As always, the families came through, and by the time the games started there was a table piled high with items for the lucky winners to choose from.

The Family Fun Night is held each year as a way for the MPG to say thank you to all the parents who volunteer and help with all the fundraisers and activities and projects throughout the year.

Popcorn and bingo are the highlights of the night, with Principal Alan Willey calling out the numbers. This year's turnout was great, and everyone appeared to have a fun time.

Just a reminder that there is no school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week. The parents of the students will be having parent/teacher conferences those days.

Superintendent and board chair attend Parent Group

Mr. Tony Mann, superintendent of Molalla River School District and Ralph Gierke, school board chairman, attended the recent Mulino Parent Group meeting. They were pleasantly surprised by the number of parents that showed up, with more than 15 attending. They are not used to this level of participation, but Mulino has always had a very strong and active group of parents that take an interest in their school and the students.

Mann and Gierke were there to provide general information about the district’s strong financial position and how this has led to the board's decision to restore the music program and maintain reasonable class sizes throughout the district. After their presentation, there was a question and answer period.

Much of the interest was about bus safety, where many of the parents expressed their concern.

Hamlet highlights

The Board of County Commissioners is asking each hamlet and village in Clackamas County to present to them the benefits that have come to each community that has gone through the process of forming themselves into a hamlet or village. Specifically the request states: Describe the activities that your hamlet has accomplished since it was established, and describe how the hamlet program adds value to your community and the county.

If any citizen would like to provide a letter or testimonial about how having Mulino become a hamlet has helped the community, please send your comments or experiences to Laurel Roses, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mulino has been a Hamlet since 2007 and has seen a lot of changes come through the community. The more citizens that can give input on how it has impacted them the better.

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