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Colton Corner March 19


Fight on, Loffy!

 - Mikaela Shelton, Monica Poet and Jackee Hartt present CHS math teacher Harold LaFountaine a check for $2,100. On Thursday, March 13, the students of Colton High School held an all-school assembly —it had school spring sports team and drama club members vying for superiority in their own events. Freshman and seniors took on sophomores and juniors. There were mini softball and baseball games, javelin throw and Pictionary. High school athletic director, Mindi Shelton, kept it super-fast paced and fun. At the end of the allotted time, Shelton turned the microphone over to Mikaela Shelton, Monica Poet and Jackee Hartt.

They announced they had a big check (and a real check) for $2,100. The money students earned at their Winter Formal fundraiser and raised to help CHS math teacher Harold LaFountaine pay his medical bills. Earlier this year, LaFountaine, who has taught in Colton schools for 31 years, was diagnosed with cancer. The school district and his students have encouraged him to continue part-time teaching.

When Hartt came out with the real check and a box of tissues both of which she handed to a favorite teacher—taking a few for herself. LaFountaine shared his heartfelt thank you and as the assembly dispersed for class—LaFountaine was surrounded by students offering hugs, handshakes and thoughtful words. Fight on, Loffy!

CHS February SOM

Colton High School announced their students of the month for February: Aaron Wimsatt, Spanish I; Chelsea St. Clair and Savannah Tackett, geometry; Tanna Revoir, good student award; Brylee Moyle, physical education; Okehmos Olsen, band, Melanie Collaco, office aide; Erika Wanmer, biology; Noah Jennings, algebra I; Shelby Marshall, U.S. history; Sierra Harris, writing lab; Dylan Martinez and Okehmos Olsen, English III; Mason Fullmer, art I; Jocelyn Rossi, art IV; Alyssa Ferguson and Cameron Mustoe, choir; Kayla McKinney, technical writing; Kayla Anderson, chemistry/medical opportunities/senior project; Daniel Stoddard, physics; Okehmos Olsen, metals II; Jordan Davidson, woods.

Follow-up on school district bond

At the March 10 school board meeting, the board of directors agreed to postpone putting a bond measure on the ballot for the special election in May. They are preparing to put a survey in place to get constituent input before taking it to the voters.