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Clarkes-Highland News March 26


New signs at four corners

by: LIZ WELLE-OEDELL - The new warning sign at Clarkes four corners.County workers installed new road signs at Clarkes four corners in an attempt to help reduce the danger of the intersection.

The new road signs, installed for both north and southbound drivers, warn drivers that the “hill blocks view” and to “slow” when nearing the intersection. More additions, in the near future, include painting a double yellow stripe on Unger Road.

“CPO members are still hoping the county will eventually take off the top of the hills,” said Craig Loughridge, CPO member and community advocate. “However, I think these new changes are a good start for trying to improve the safety of the intersection in the short term.”

Local gardener shares passion through teaching

Cindy Manselle, a local gardener and farmer, teaches classes about gardening, canning, and raising chickens through her business Tuglywood Gardens.

The first class is scheduled for April 12 at 1 p.m. and is all about raising happy and healthy chickens. Other classes on tap for spring and summer include Growing Tomatoes (April 26), Starting a Garden, Saving Seeds, and many involving canning (veggies, jellies, and even tuna). The small class sizes, averaging six, create a comfortable learning experience for attendees. “After taking the class,” Manselle explains, “you take home what you have canned.”

In addition to classes, Manselle also sells vegetable starts, such as tomatoes, squash, and peppers, and fresh eggs from her eighteen hens. To learn more about Tuglywood Gardens, or to sign up for a class, contact 503-314-9829 or facebook.com/tuglywoodgardens.

Kindergarten round up

It's that time of year again to register all the youngsters for their first year in school.

Clarkes Elementary kindergarten registration is on Thursday, April 17, at 3:45 p.m. in the library. Students must be 5 years of age by Sept. 1, 2014, to enroll. Parents must bring immunization records and a birth certificates. If you have any questions, please call the school office at 503-632-3290.