Mulino Hamlet seeks director

The Mulino Hamlet is asking interested citizens to please come forward and take a role in shaping the future of the Mulino Community. Hamlet chairman, Doug Hill, bought a home outside the Hamlet boundaries, and so the April meeting will be his last meeting. Being a director on the hamlet board is not that time consuming if things are running smoothly in the community. There is the monthly meeting on the third Thursday of every month. Occasionally a project will come up where the hamlet decides to get involved and the citizens and directors can be asked to help out with that, but it is mostly a community support role. Please attend the April meeting, or better yet, contact Laurel Roses at 503-829-5370 to get more information.

Completing Eagle Project

Last Saturday, Mulino Boy Scout Ammon Rudolf, from Troop 667, did his Eagle Scout project at Mulino Elementary School. Years ago another Scout group put in a one-fouth mile walking path around the playground. After years of use, the path was in need of serious repair. Ammon's project was to get the path back into good condition. He got some bark chips donated and organized a work crew to meet there on Saturday and grade the path and spread the bark. Thirty-nine Scouts and other volunteers showed up to help and took all the wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes and even a tractor to get the job LAUREL ROSES - Ammon Castleton-Rudolf getting started on his Eagle Scout Project at Mulino Elementary School.

Ammon found out about the Mulino School project when he was gathering information about a possible other project painting fire hydrants. When a young man gets to this stage on his trail to Eagle Scout, it is customary to ask a few questions to get a better feel for the character of the person.

One of the questions asked was, "What was your favorite Merit Badge and why?"

Ammon answered, "The one that really sticks out in my mind is climbing. I earned it at Camp Baldwin two years ago. It was so awesome. We got to climb up actual rock faces and rappel off of real rock faces, and had to learn countless knots."

Along with earning his Eagle Scout rank, Ammon got involved with an elite group within Boy Scouting called The Order of the Arrow, and within that group he participated in a Brotherhood Ordeal. This provided him with invaluable leadership opportunities as he became a mentor to scouts going through their ordeals for the first time.

Ammon said his father, Andy Rudolf. Rudolf was also his first scoutmaster. Ammon said his current scoutmaster, Ben Clunas, has helped keep him on track to finishing his goals, as well as his Young Men's President, Jake Stephens, who plans interesting and fun activities.

Through this whole process, Ammon had a good friend, Aaron Glenn, going to summer camps, hikes, and merit badge activities right along with him. With just a bit more work, Glenn will be announcing his achievement to Eagle rank as well.

The community of Mulino, and especially the students at Mulino School, will benefit greatly from Ammon’s project, and Ammon most certainly will benefit from the valuable life lessons he has learned along the way to achieving his Eagle Scout.

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