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Vest finishes fifth


Vest Racing closes season fifth in Henderson 250 and fifth in points.

The Vest Racing team took fifth in the 1400 protruck class in the Henderson 250 on Dec. 7, closing their season fifth in points. It’s an impressive finish, especially as this was Vest Racing’s first season with this truck.

“At the start of the season, there were probably 55 trucks racing,” driver Troy Vest said. “Only three completed every race.”

Vest’s truck, number 46, was one of those three. It’s a reminder that desert racing is unlike other race environments.

Mile by mile, lots can go wrong, and only the quickest and most prepared race teams take the trophies.

For example, at the Mint 400, in March, only 33 percent of the trucks that started finished. It’s a harsh environment, not only for the trucks but the drivers as well.

“We had a little trouble in the end [of the Henderson 250],” Vest said. Having lost his spare tires, Vest had to make an unscheduled pit stop. It cost him four positions.

He was able to regain a few of those in the next three miles, he said, but then the engine started cutting out. In the next 50 miles, they lost time and positions, but they still finished in the top five.

For the season, Vest’s goal was to finish in the top 10. Having achieved that, he’s now setting his sights on first for next season.

“We learned a ton,” he said. “The suspension is now working very, very well.”

Come February the whole team will be ready to get back on the track. Until then, they’re “prepping, prepping, prepping,” Vest said.