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by: PHOTO BY JOHN BOWLER - Sheriff Jim Adkins rides in a Redmond JROTC Jeep in the Crooked River Ranch parade July 6.Not much happened at Crooked River Ranch the past week after all the activity surrounding the Independence Day festivities.

Most Ranchers agree that the various celebrations of the Fourth were a lot of fun, well-attended and met the objectives of the sponsors.

Julia Randall presented another great parade which was well-received by the crowds watching along its route. One feature of Randall’s parades, unlike many other Fourth of July parades you may have attended, is that her parades start on time. It isn’t by chance either. Parade entries have it drummed into them to show up well in advance of the 10 a.m. starting time or be prepared for Randall’s wrath. They would rather show up on time.

The Lions' buffalo roast was well-patronized and replenished the organization’s do-good-deeds treasury; patrons attending the barn dance in the evening thought it was simply divine and the music perfect for dancing.

Most all of the various organizations that put on events on July 6 were happy with the results they achieved.

While state and national politics have been characterized recently by gridlock, that is not the case at the Ranch. Anybody who has lived here longer than 10 years is pleased with the way the CRR Club and Maintenance Association Board of Directors gets things done, mostly harmoniously, these days.

A lot of Ranchers can remember when virtual Pier 6-type brawls characterized board meetings and county sheriff reps were on hand at meetings to keep matters under control.

The consensus seems to be that most Ranchers like the way things are run today versus 10 years ago.

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