Crooked River Ranch Roundup

The Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association workshop, Aug. 5, provided some insight to what might transpire at the annual meeting slated for 9 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 24.

The August monthly meeting of the board is scheduled for its regular time of 6 p.m., Aug. 19 — too late to report its potential impact on the annual meeting.

One optimistic note was sounded at the beginning of the workshop meeting during review of the auditor’s report for the past fiscal year. Auditors Dahlen & Boschma complimented the board and staff, for fiscal year 2013 submissions saying, “It was the best audit in years.”

That must have been music to the ears of Budget Audit Committee’s Marilynne Keyser and Herb Parker, both of whom put a lot of effort into refining the Ranch’s financial statements and reserves during the past year to make them more reflective of the community’s actual financial condition. The evidence shows that they succeeded. The full audit report will be distributed Saturday at the annual meeting.

Homeowners association secretary Paula Bartholomei proposed a “Volunteer of the Year” award be established, which was approved by the board; the first such award will be presented at the annual meeting. Hopefully, those attending will also be enlightened about the qualifications a Rancher must possess to be eligible to win this award and what the reward for winning is, beyond a pat on the back.

Staff member Phyllis Carlin reported that annual dues invoices were sent out to 2,676 HOA members and that 570 remain unpaid, making those members ineligible to vote and enjoy other privileges of HOA membership until their dues are paid and current.

The number of members delinquent in paying their dues amount to approximately 21 percent of total membership, with a total of almost $200,000 in unpaid dues. There was no information in the workshop minutes about the aging of those delinquent dues, which can be a significant factor. In the past, a number of HOA members haven’t been current with their dues payment for several years. It’s an ongoing challenge with no quick fix in sight.

The agenda for the Aug. 24 Crooked River Ranch HOA annual meeting includes: call to order and other opening ceremonies, including a moment of silence in remembrance of members who have passed away, and introduction of guests, all starting at 9 a.m.

The meeting will then proceed with:

• Standard order of business; approval of minutes from the 2012 annual meeting; treasurer’s report; and the president’s report. There is no old business on the agenda.

• New business; presentation of 2013-2014 Nominating Committee; selection of date for 2014 annual meeting; and appreciation awards for board members and committees.

• Election 2013; slate of candidates and introduction of those present; nominations from the floor for board of directors; discussion of ballot measure; and membership input and announcements before adjournment.

For all intents and purposes, the election of 2013 is history relative to filling three upcoming board director vacancies. There were three candidates for three openings, so all three candidates will be elected. The candidates are: Gail DesBrisay, Jack Keeling and George Mitchener.

There’s no indication of how write-in nominations for the board on mailed ballots, or those made verbally at the annual meeting, will be handled.

The meeting will be held at MacPherson Park, as is the tradition. It will be interesting to see how many Ranchers attend the forthcoming meeting, with most community issues already settled or dormant for now. Past annual meetings have generally been well attended with a group of absentee property owners coming for a once-a-year visit.

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