Crooked River Ranch Roundup

The usual group of 25-30 Crooked River Ranch residents that faithfully attend the two monthly homeowner association meetings were on hand Monday for the CRR Club and Maintenance Association's workshop.

Two of the three newly elected board members were present: Gail DesBrisay and Jack Keeting. The other recently elected director, George Mitchener, was absent on a trip, and Director Jim Martin, who has moved off the Ranch, was not present.

President Ben Johnson reported that the summer board election resulted in 706 ballots turned in by nearly 2,800 eligible voters. The total ballots were about half the number required to pass the ballot measure, which proposed that nominees for election to the HOA board be required to be members in good standing of that organization.

After swearing in DesBrisay and Keeting, Johnson conducted the election of new board officers. While ballots were being distributed to the board by Ranch Administrator Judy LaPora, assisted by former director Gail Day, Johnson announced that this would be his last year of service on the board. He indicated he wanted that known before the election of officers took place.

Johnson was the only candidate for president nominated, so technically he was acclaimed president. Before conducting the election of officers, Johnson also pointed out that election had traditionally been carried out with written ballots. He queried the other board members as to whether they wanted to change the procedure and they did not.

The election of officers then proceeded with the eight board members present all voting on separate ballots for each office. The completed ballots for each office were then duly collected by LaPora and Day and taken to a separate room to be counted. When that was completed LaPora announced who each new officer was.

Johnson repeated as president, Vene Duncan was re-elected vice president, Paula Bartolomei was re-elected secretary and Jim Dille was elected treasurer, replacing the retiring previous treasurer, Herb Parker.

Paulette Nordin, who has a dual role as chairwoman of the Phase Reps Committee and secretary of the Architectural Committee, next reported that it had recently come to light that new residents were bypassing the Architectural Committee to obtain approval of building plans. The bylaws specify that step take place before application to Jefferson County for a building permit. The issue is the same one that erupts with almost every newly elected board of directors. The ensuing debate of how to correct the problem had a familiar refrain.

LaPora chipped in to suggest sending a letter to title companies and realtors requesting their cooperation in having new owners apply the Architectural Committee for an OK on any new construction before going to the county for a building permit.

Somebody suggested that the county also be asked to cooperate in the process, but nothing concrete was resolved. Presumably it will come up again at the regular monthly board meeting. Next up was Sean Remer, the Rancher who had recommended construction of a disc golf course, and, when he received approval from the board, had gone about designing it and overseeing the construction of the course. Remer described it as a work in process, but said the course was now playable and had received praise from some professionals who had recently played on it.

Remer asked the board for help funding a welcome sign at the beginning of the course and a brochure to promote it and instruct new players about how to play. He also wants to conduct a ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening around Oct. 1. His request received enthusiastic support from the board.

A two-sided map of the course and a sheet with details of the facility was distributed. Copies can be obtained from the Ranch office. An informative website is also being developed. The course is 18 holes long and over a mile in length. Further plans for disc golf will be discussed at the September board meeting.

Frank Day, water company manager, next presented a packet of information with water company expansion plans for a new tower, which will probably replace the old one. The water company currently supplies water to roughly 1,500 homes — a little more than half the developed building lots.

It came as a surprise to some that homeowners who wanted service from the water company had to organize a group to apply for it and pay the cost of the installation. That will also be taken up again at the September regular board meeting.

The proposed new Alternate Exit Committee got off the ground with the appointment of all nine applicants who applied for it, leaving one spot to be filled.

LaPora reported that recent storm damage had heaped a heavy load of repair requests on the road and maintenance departments, which will be hard pressed to respond to all of them quickly and stay on allotted budgets for time and materials.

Last on the agenda was a discussion about First Fridays, the event initiated by Publicity Committee Chairman Sheila Cisneros. It involves purchasing and sipping wine and snacks on the upper outside deck of the clubhouse in a strictly social event. The objective is to raise some money for projects that might enhance the quality of living on the Ranch.

Some members of the board, as well as the administrator, are uneasy with the Ranch supporting and funding such an activity.

However, time was fast approaching the scheduled noon adjournment and the start of an executive session that followed to discuss employee contracts. Further discussion of the Friday Nights issue was tabled in favor of adjournment at 11:55 a.m., and a break before the next meeting.

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