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Nutmeg is doing better since being taken to the Redmond shelter aften an injury.For the second time in six months, a pit bull that appears to have been drug by a vehicle has been dropped off at a Redmond shelter.

Called "Nutmeg" by the staff of BrightSide Animal Center, the young female dog was discovered by fishermen alongside a road at Haystack Reservoir on Jan. 17, and dropped off at the shelter on the very day that a male pit bull, Chance, who had more severe injuries from being drug by a vehicle, was released for adoption. Chance was found near Smith Rock last July.

According to Chris Bauersfeld, executive director of BrightSide, the incidents should serve as reminders to dog owners that it's not safe to allow dogs to travel in an open vehicle or the back of a pickup truck.

“Even though a dog is tethered, per requirements of law, the tether could be too long, allowing the dog to dangle over the side of the vehicle if it attempts to jump out,” she said.

“If the tether is long enough, the dog could be dragged in contact with the road,” said Bauersfeld, who believes that may have happened to Nutmeg, who had no microchip or tags when she was found by the good Samaritans.

“Dogs should be microchipped in addition to being licensed,” said Bauersfeld, since collars can come off. Microchip information should be updated every time the owners' phone numbers or addresses change.

Based on the injuries to the pit bull's paws, neck and chest, which appeared to have been up to two days old, Bauersfeld believes that Nutmeg was drug by a vehicle. No one has come forward with information about the dog's owners.

An employee of BrightSide is caring for Nutmeg while her injuries heal, which could take weeks, Bauersfeld said.

The incident was reported to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating.

Since neither the owner nor witnesses have come forward, deputy Jason Pollock said, “It’s hard to know whether it was an accident or a crime.” Any one with information may contact the Sheriff's Office at 541-475-6520, or Pollock, who is handling the case, at 541-420-1619.

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