New mailboxes installed

A snow storm which persisted on and off for several days the first week of February dumped roughly two feet of the white stuff at Crooked River Ranch.

Snow blocked many roads and driveways throughout the Ranch and put a big strain on the Ranch road department to clear its 90 miles of roads in the order of established priority. Some residents had blocked driveways or an impassable road in front of their homes for several days.

Despite the problems, it was the general consensus of residents that the overworked road department responded to the emergency with a valiant effort.

Kathie Gangstead, executive director of the Crooked River Ranch-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce helped alleviate the situation by sending out a bulletin on Feb. 10 listing eight private individuals available with plows and their telephone numbers.

Nevertheless, the Ranch Club and Maintenance Association meeting on Feb. 17 was attended by a number of Ranchers who registered their complaints about the long time they were marooned in their homes. Most said they were isolated because the road in front of their home remained unploughed for several days after the storm passed.

Several residents who have lived on the Ranch for 20 or more years said it was the most snow they had seen ever while living here, although it didn’t seem to break any existing records.

Its impact was sufficient to prompt Ranch Administrator Judy Lapora to initiate research on more detailed emergency response and communications plans to deal with future community crises of equal magnitude.

She will be working with the Road Maintenance Supervisor, CRR Fire Department and the Jefferson County emergency management coordinator to create an inclement weather response plan.

At the same meeting, progress was made towards realizing the long discussed and widely hoped for alternative Ranch exit with approval of funds for an engineering study to begin in due course.

The homeowners association board also approved funds for an engineering study of a combined roads and golf maintenance facility which would replace existing separate buildings, which are inadequate for the two departments’ needs. A combined facility would also enable easier sharing of equipment and personnel during periods of heavy workloads such as the recent snow storm.

Also approved at the Feb. 17 meeting was an agreement with the U.S. Postal Service to replace existing mail boxes with new ones called CLUs. According to Kerry Schwartz, of the Redmond post office, which is responsible for mail going to and from the Ranch, the new units will greatly expedite mail handling and delivery and reduce errors. Schwartz attended the meeting in response to an invitation to attend it from the HOA board.

It didn’t take long to set the mail box replacement project in motion. New cluster boxes were installed at the intersection of Chinook and Badger roads before the end of last week and local residents serviced by that unit had their keys to their brightly painted new mailboxes by Friday of that week.

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