City passes draft fuel ordinance


Fuel flowage fee for airport

Fuel use at the Madras Municipal Airport will be regulated under a new fuel flowage ordinance preliminarily passed by the City Council on May 27.

City Administrator Gus Burril explained that the fee of 10 cents per gallon, which would be charged to every fuel operator delivering fuel to aircraft or holding tanks at the airport, is common in the industry, and would help support airport operations.

In the past, during firefighting season, Councilor Tom Brown said that he had seen as many as 15 helicopters being supplied by four tankers, rather than purchasing fuel from the airport.

The fee will not be charged to fuel purchased from the city.

The City Council unanimously passed the draft ordinance, and will consider the final ordinance at its June 10 meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. in the Madras City Hall.